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Gene Schwartz, April 2000
New Directions in the Role of Printing in Publishing »

Dominated by new electronic publishing and developments in content management, pagemaking, e-books, and Web publishing, the two major East Coast technology events in February also showcased some revolutionary new printing procurement and manufacturing initiatives. Some 20,000 people attended Seybold, and several thousand turned out for BookTech. I cannot too strongly encourage publishers, booksellers, and distributors …

Dan Poynter , March 2000
Book Printing Just Got Cheaper »

Book publishing is changing-for the better. There is a New Model for book writing, producing, selling, and promoting. Now you can break into print faster, easier, and cheaper. One part of this revolutionary change is in printing.PQN (Print Quantity Needed) printing machines produce 8 to 12 books at a time from a PDF file on …

Nick Weir-Williams, August 1999
How Many Should I Print? »

If ever there was a contentious issue in publishing, the size of the first print run is one. Look at PW Forecasts each week-first print run 50,000, the New York publishers proudly proclaim. Is that the number that actually rolls off the press? Very rarely. Should you feel intimidated and small because you are printing …

Lori Comtois, president and founder of PrintNet, May 1999
Worried about Sending Your Book to a Overseas Printer? »

If you’re thinking of publishing four-color books, you’ll quickly learn that manufacturing them overseas is the most cost effective approach. But perhaps you don’t want to go overseas, because you’re nervous about pirating, quality control, or overall loss of control. Think again. Weighing the Cost Factor In the ultra-competitive world of publishing, you need to …

Ron Mazzola, McNaughton & Gunn, Inc, October 1998
How to Select and Work with a Book Printer »

How do you find someone to print your book? Thousands of printers across the country can put ink on paper and hire a bindery to put your book together. Many of these will tell you that they can do your book. However, only about 40 printers in the US specialize in manufacturing books. Most experienced …

Lynella Grant, October 1997
Watch for Problems that CauseDelays at the Printer »

The following is an excerpt from Lynella Grant’s book, The Business Card Book, What Your Business Card Reveals About You . . . And How to Fix It. Watch for Problems that Cause Delays at the PrinterTime gremlins lurk in any project, causing complications that throw it off track. Such situations are frustrating for both …

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