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Ron Pramschufer, August 2005
The Credit Trap: Printers’ Terms Through a Printer’s Eyes »

Over the past 30 years I have heard the statement “We’re not the bank” used hundreds of time by various printers. This statement did not become crystal clear to me until I owned my own publishing services business.   Now I realize that printers are their own worst enemy when it comes to extending credit. …

Curt Matthews, November 2004
Don’t Let Your Books Be Late: What the Penalties Are and How to Stay on Schedule »

So what if a book isn’t ready when the catalog said it would be? You know authors. They promise to deliver the manuscript on a certain date and then deliver it 6 months, 12 months later. Someone died, the dog ate the manuscript, the file disappeared from the computer. And when the text finally arrives, …

Ron Pramschufer, June 2003
Offset vs. Digital Printing:
What You Need to Know about the Differences »

Does the full color printing in USA Today seem as good to you as the color printing in GQ Magazine? Many consumers would say yes, and if you’re one of them, you will probably not notice any difference between a book produced in a digital plant and one printed by an offset book manufacturer. But …

Evelyn Kaye, August 2002
What to Pay for Printing,
or Would You Rather Have 5,000 copies for $9,000 or for $23,000? »

Every time I get ready to print one of my travel books, I wonder whether it wouldn’t be easier to go back to the printer I used last time–unless it’s been a hair-curling experience. Wouldn’t that be simpler than sending out Requests for Quotations and starting all over again? Well, you can do that, but …

Carol Tuttle, July 2002
A Print-on-Demand to Print-on-Paper Success Story »

I published my first book with a large publishing house, and I liked having the support of a big company with sales reps in the stores. But I didn’t like having to wait on the publisher’s project list for 12-18 months, and I also didn’t like giving them the power to take my book out-of-print …

Donald Wulfinghoff, July 2002
How to Create Great Book Brochures
Part 2: Get the Most from the Printing Process »

Your book brochure is a cornerstone of your marketing program. Last month, we talked about creating its content and layout. Now we’ll discuss illustration and printing techniques that will give your brochure a top-notch professional look. If you know how to use the latest color-printing services, you can produce a dazzling brochure at minimum cost–and …

Dorothy Kavka, April 2002
Choosing the Best Type of Printing for Your Book »

Over the many years I have been in the publishing business, the biggest changes I have seen have been in the production and printing of books. When I started out as a production editor and free-lance artist for a major English textbook publisher, there were no computer programs on which to write, design, or typeset …

Karen Saunders, January 2002
Getting Ready to Print »

If you’re new to the production process, five main steps will help you get through it smoothly.   Step #1. Getting Print Bids Even before the design step, you should consult with several book printers before choosing one. Start with printers that specialize in books. Then, because pricing is based on what each printer’s presses …

Bill Rose, January 2002
For Big-Timers: The Pros and Cons of Using Asian Printers »

“Should I be printing my books in Asia?” Publishers ask me that question often and the answer has to be “It depends.” There are some rules of thumb, which I present below, but changing global economic circumstances affect even these. In general, short-run 4/color printing is best done overseas, and so is some one- and …

Karen Saunders, December 2001
Steer Clear of Printing Problems with Documents You Create on Your Computer »

As the administrative assistant for a small company, Susan had to make sure her boss “looked good” in front of an upcoming meeting of venture capitalists. That meant their marketing plan had to look great. She knew the stakes were high. But when Susan picked up the marketing plan from the print shop, she was …

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