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Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D., February 2001
Domain Name Disputes: An Update »

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2001 by Ivan Hoffman, Publishing Attorney — As the Net continues to evolve, policies dealing with domain name disputes continue to evolve as well. Given the likely adoption of up to seven new top level domains such as “biz,” “info,” and the like sometime in early to mid 2001, the potential effect on …

Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D, October 2000
Julia, Jimi & Cybersquatting »

PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2000 by Ivan Hoffman, Publishing Attorney — On my Web site under “Internet and Electronic Rights Issues,” I have an earlier article about the issues created by the Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy (UDRP) and the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA). It’s titled “Domain Name Disputes: An Update.” This new article, “Julia, Jimi …

Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D., April 2000
Domain Names & Trademarks »

PUBLISHED APRIL 2000 by Ivan Hoffman, Publishing Attorney — If you’re a writer, publisher, Web site designer, or site owner and if you own, claim to own, use or want to use intellectual property on the Internet, then you must have at least a short but functional knowledge of how the United States trademark, copyright, …

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