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IBPA Members, December 2012
What Publishers’ Web Sites Can Do: Part 2 »

(SEE ALSO: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) INTRODUCTION: The wording varies, and sometimes the message is subtext, but essentially, in our IBPA Roundtable discussions, it’s always, “Here’s what I’ve discovered that could help you.” As the reports that follow demonstrate, IBPA members are extraordinarily generous about sharing the wealth of experience. This collection supplements …

IBPA Members, November 2012
What Publishers’ Websites Can Do: Part 1 »

(SEE ALSO: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) INTRODUCTION: Do IBPA members build Websites that accomplish everything a useful Website would accomplish? Quite possibly. And even if they don’t, they certainly come close in the aggregate, as you’ll see from the reports below and in issues to come. As you’ll also see, a leitmotif in …

Stephen Blake Mettee, October 2012
Use Sticky Landing Pages to Build Tribes – Board Member’s Memo »

This spring, at The Write Thought, we decided to jump into digital book publishing. I had sold my first publishing company, Quill Driver Books, in 2008, and my non-compete agreement was approaching expiration. For a few years, I’d been lollygagging around my son Josh’s wholesale company, American West Books, helping out a couple of days …

Tracy R. Atkins, December 2012
Google Analytics from Start to Success »

PUBLISHED DECEMBER 2012 by Tracy R. Atkins A good many independent publishers, and a good many authors who work with them, sing the praises of Google Analytics. But for many others, the very word analytics brings to mind sophisticated technical analysis that you’d need a Ph.D. to understand or utilize. In fact, Google Analytics is simply a …

Joel Friedlander, October 2012
15 Steps to Powerful Videos »

  15 Steps to Powerful Videos October 2012 by Joel Friedlander   Video is everywhere in blogs today. As many people predicted, when Web surfers get broadband Internet service, they want blog video and lots of it. Let’s face it, we’ve all been raised on television in one way or another, and that’s got to …

Stephanie Chandler, August 2012
DIY Search Engine Optimization: Part 2 — Simple Tactics for Increasing Website Traffic »

by Stephanie Chandler   Developing keywords for your Web site sets the foundation for search engine optimization (SEO) and is the best way to begin to drive more traffic to the site (see “Keyword Strategy for Your Site” in the July issue). d Additional strategies can keep the traffic coming.   Continually Add Content Content …

Lee Foster, March 2012
A Web Site Built to Make Money »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2012 by Lee Foster, Author, An Author’s Perspective on Independent Publishing — Because I consider my Web site an essential tool both for connecting with readers of my travel books and for increasing my earnings, I devote substantial ongoing attention to it. Paying attention has led me to some conclusions that may help …

Dana Lynn Smith, October 2011
How to Build an Online Media Room »

How to Build an Online Media Room by Dana Lynn Smith The goal of an online media room is to make it easy for reviewers, journalists, talk show producers, and other influencers to quickly find everything they need to know about you and what you publish. You might actually call it Media Room, or choose …

Deltina Hay, January 2011
Tips for Improving Your Online Presence »

Tips for Improving Your Online Presence by Deltina Hay Few of us have the time to do everything the experts recommend when it comes to improving our online presence. Nor do we have the money to pay them to do it for us. Luckily, we can do almost everything ourselves, a little at a time. …

Neil Levin, November 2010
Ten Tips for Web Site Success Today and Tomorrow »

      Ten Tips for Web Site Success Today and Tomorrow by Neil Levin Does one of these scenarios sound familiar? You’ve been publishing for eight years, and your first Web site went up in 2003. You keep tacking on static pages and functionality one bit at a time. Every few months, some new …

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