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Linda Carlson, August 2014
Spotlight: Rob Price, Price World Publishing »

Rob Price of Price World Publishing in Columbus, OH (photo below), is one of IBPA’s new board members, and possibly the association’s record-holder for youngest start in publishing. He was a freshman at the University of Madison in Wisconsin when he first printed and sold a single-sheet of workout program instructions from his dorm room. …

Linda Carlson, July 2014
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

Under the Sea for Good Scarletta Press author Ellen Prager spent four minutes on the Today show in May discussing her YA novel, The Shark Whisperer. To make her appearance dramatic, she used tanks lent by an aquarium and set up on the Today show plaza so she could show examples of the sea creatures …

Linda Carlson, July 2014
Spotlight: Angela Bole, IBPA Executive Director »

As Angela Bole (photo below-right) is celebrating her first anniversary as IBPA’s executive director, we’re turning this column’s spotlight on her, to learn what impresses her about independent book publishing. Her greatest concern for IBPA members: “Small publishers who jump into partnerships without first understanding all their options,” says Bole, who came to IBPA from …

Linda Carlson, June 2014
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

Sweet! A Sourcebooks title, Year of No Sugar: A Memoir, by Eve O. Schaub, was launched in a whirlwind of publicity and appearances in April. Prepub press included a review in Library Journal, and stories in the Denver Post (which said her experience and her arguments “make a convincing case for closely inspecting package labels”), …

Linda Carlson, May 2014
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

Linda Carlson writes for IBPA’s Independent magazine from Seattle, Washington. She can be reached at Chelsea Green Publishing — which is now celebrating its 30th anniversary — was showcased in Publishers Weekly’s “Fast-Growing Indie Publishers,” and publisher Margo Baldwin was quoted as saying its consignment program has in most cases doubled or tripled sales …

Linda Carlson, February 2014
Spotlight: MaryAnn Kohl, IBPA Board Member »

Spotlight February 2014 by Linda Carlson Closeup: MaryAnn Kohl Outgoing and enthusiastic, board member MaryAnn Kohl has spent almost 30 years in publishing, and she’s still excited about it. And, despite nearing traditional retirement age, she’s adding services to her Bright Ring Publishing company and pursuing another writing genre. MaryAnn Kohl working with her kids.  …

Linda Carlson, January 2014
Spotlight: Tom Doherty, IBPA Board Member »

Spotlight January 2014 by Linda Carlson Closeup: Tom Doherty   Born into publishing is how we could describe IBPA board member Tom Doherty. He absorbed book publishing as a child through his father’s career as a book salesman and publisher, and his mother’s work in management of a college bookstore, and he began delivering newspapers …

Linda Carlson, December 2013
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

Spotlight December 2013 by Linda Carlson A Series Racks Up Rights Sales Great Reads Books of Bellaire, TX, reports foreign rights sales for two titles in its Jesus Thief series. Author/publisher J.R. Lankford sold the fourth book, The Covert Messiah, to Eksmo of Moscow for a 2014 Russian edition, and the first one, The Jesus Thief, to Saida de …

Linda Carlson, November 2013
Spotlight: John Mutter, IBPA Board Member and Co-Founder of Shelf Awareness »

Spotlight November 2013 by Linda Carlson Closeup: John Mutter A delightful conversation with John Mutter—IBPA board member and co-founder of the Shelf Awareness publishing newsletters—recently touched on espresso, comfortable chairs, e-publishing, and many other things that go into selling books these days. It was delightful in part because Mutter’s fun to talk with, and also …

Linda Carlson, September 2013
Spotlight: Deltina Hay, Chair of IBPA’s Board »

Spotlight September 2013 by Linda Carlson   Closeup: Deltina Hay Who’s who on the IBPA board? To help you get to know the people behind the names you often see at IBPA events and in its publications, Spotlight continues its brief profiles of board members and officers. This month, we feature Deltina Hay, recently elected …

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