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Brian Jud, February 2013
Negotiating Large Non-Retail Sales: Part 1

Brian Jud, the executive director of SPAN and the author of How to Make Real Money Selling Books, offers commission-based sales of books to buyers in special markets. For more information: When you are in the middle of negotiating a sale for a large quantity of books, and your prospect offers to write you a …

Brian Jud, January 2013
For More Profitable Publishing, Compare Two Major Marketing Strategies »

  For More Profitable Publishing, Compare Two Major Marketing Strategies by Brian Jud   Did you ever wonder why our business is described as the book-publishing industry and not the book-selling industry? In 2011 Bowker issued new ISBNs at the rate of more than 1,400 per day, reflecting the industry focus on publishing more books …

Brian Jud, September 2012
Different Distribution Options »

Sales through nonbook retail outlets make a good many independent publishers profitable. These outlets include discount stores, airport stores, supermarkets, gift shops, specialty stores, pharmacies, and a long list of others. Each kind of store has an established distribution network, and publishers must work within it to get their books on the shelves. The goal, …

Linda Carlson, September 2012
First Try a Trade Show: The Dogwise Success Story »

Linda Carlson writes for IBPA’s Independent magazine from Seattle, Washington. She can be reached at The Woodward family got into publishing by going to the dogs, founder Charlene Woodward said with a laugh when we talked recently. But the Woodwards are all “small-d” dog people, she explained: “It’s our customers who are the ‘big …

Dana Lynn Smith, September 2012
Target Markets: Why and How to Define Multiple Markets for Every Book »

Target Markets: Why and How to Define Multiple Markets for Every Book September 2012 by Dana Lynn Smith   One of the most critical steps in developing an effective book marketing plan is identifying target markets. Since no book is “for everyone,” it’s important to figure out exactly who a particular book’s likely readers are. …

Linda Carlson, June 2012
Building the Business: “Special” Sales Are Normal – How Addicus Books Stays Healthy »

Building the Business “Special” Sales Are Normal: How Addicus Books Stays Healthy by Linda Carlson Rod Colvin has written his way from 30-second news spots to true crime to Straight Talk about Breast Cancer—and that was only the first half of his career as a writer and publisher. The common thread in Colvin’s professional life, …

Norman Gibat, February 2007
The House That Moonshine Made »

content=”======================================================”>     BUILDING THE BUSINESS   The House That Moonshine Made   by Norman Gibat   Our small company prints and distributes a book titled The Lore of Still Building. To date we’ve sold almost a quarter of a million copies, and it’s still profitable enough to keep in print. Our advertising and marketing …

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