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Reid Goldsborough, February 2005
Don’t Get Burned If You Get Flamed »

If you’ve spent any time in online discussion groups, you probably know that their single most defining characteristic is the prevalence of angry, epithet-strewn arguments, called flamewars. Distance and relative anonymity make these verbal battles virtually risk free, and the level of online hostility, with flames fired back and forth among participants, sometimes makes these …

Sherry Y. Smith, July 2004
Google Guidance »

There are two monthly events that I especially look forward to these days. One is the meeting of PALA (Publisher’s Association of Los Angeles), of which I’m a member, and the other is the arrival of this fabulous PMA Newsletter. Both provide a wealth of inspiration and information that lets me know I’m not on …

Reid Goldsborough, June 2004
When It Pays to Pay for Research »

There comes a time when one asks even of Yahoo, even of Google, Is this all? Yahoo and Google do an admirable job of categorizing the Internet and making its contents more accessible. But ultimately they’re search tools, not research tools. A great deal of information is not on the Internet, particularly thoroughly researched, carefully …

Reid Goldsborough, May 2004
In Search of Truth, on the Internet »

Is it true? There’s no more important question to ask yourself when you’re online. Truth telling has never been a requirement for providing information online. Standards for online accuracy, to a large extent, don’t exist. As a general rule, the real-time communication that takes place in instant messaging sessions and chat rooms is the least …

Reid Goldsborough, March 2004
Attract Surfers Through Web Forums »

The one feature that most distinguishes the Internet from any previous communications medium is its interactivity. The ’Net is two-way. You give, and you receive. Savvy organizations and individuals have long recognized this, making it easy for people to contact them and diligently responding to e-mail. Organizations on the vanguard have set up discussion forums …

Pat Bell, February 2004
Conversations with Colleagues: A Guide to Online Publishing Lists »

Recently, some local colleagues asked me about the various online e-mail discussion groups–a.k.a. mailing lists–that are of benefit to publishers. I’m a staunch proponent of such lists. Because I think they are incredibly valuable tools, I subscribe to a bunch of them, including specialized discussions on design and on using a couple of major applications. …

Reid Goldsborough, August 2003
Search the Web Like a Pro »

When searching for information on the Web, do you just fire up Google ( and type in a word or two? You’re not alone. Despite Google’s effectiveness as an Internet search tool, you probably could be a lot more productive in finding the information you’re after–using Google or any other search site. So says Paul …

Dianne M. Cutillo, September 2002
Finding Valuable Info on the Internet »

With billions of pages on the World Wide Web, how do you find needed information without spending too much time?   What works for me is considering this a research challenge rather than an Internet challenge. And the most important first step in a research project is asking the right question or questions. That’s true …

Reid Goldsborough , November 2001
Can the Internet Be Trusted? »

Did you know that under Bill 602P, the federal government will levy an “alternative postage fee” of five cents for every e-mail message you send?   The legislation, currently pending, would compensate the U.S. Postal Service for lost business from the growing popularity of e-mail. The government would bill your Internet Service Provider, which would …

Reid Goldsborough, April 2001
Instant Messaging for Instant Communications »

On the Internet, chat isn’t idle anymore. In approving the $103.5 billion merger between America Online and Time Warner in January, the US Federal Communications Commission stipulated that AOL must allow users of competing programs to communicate with its “instant messaging programs” when AOL makes high-speed versions available. Instant messaging, or IM, is the latest …

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