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Deltina Hay, November 2007
Why You Should Build a Social Media Newsroom, and What to Put in It »

      Why You Should Build a Social Media Newsroom, and What to Put in It by Deltina Hay Imagine you had one place, just one place you could send the media, prospective reviewers, book buyers, distributors, fans—anyone at all who wanted to know all there was to know about you and your books. …

Paul Gillin, July 2007
Why You Need RSS PDQ »

    Why You Need RSS PDQ   by Paul Gillin   RSS is the best technology you’re probably not using. Don’t feel ashamed: fewer than 30 percent of Internet denizens use RSS. It’s an extremely powerful but somewhat clumsy technology that is central to the blogging movement.   Basically, RSS is a personal newswire …

Paul Gillin, June 2007
Why and How to Start Blogging Now »

    Why and How to Start Blogging Now   by Paul Gillin   Deciding whether to join the blogosphere is relatively simple for small companies. If you?re passionate about your work and can communicate, then you should be using this channel. Blog about your market, your employees, your opinions, your craft, your ideas, your …

Steve Weber, April 2007
Plan a Powerful Blog Tour »

    Plan a Powerful Blog Tour   by Steve Weber   Many Internet marketing programs focus on luring readers to your Web site. But you can reach even more people with a campaign that meets your potential readers where they already congregate.   This means arranging a series of appearances known as a blog …

Reid Goldsborough, January 2007
Really Simple Syndication »

    SAVVY COMPUTING   Really Simple Syndication   by Reid Goldsborough   Imagine having just the information you need delivered to you as soon as it becomes available. That’s always been the Holy Grail of the Information Age.   Since the Internet became the Internet, people have tried to come up with better ways …

Debbie Weil, November 2006
Your Book Blog: 10 Practical Tips »

      Your Book Blog: 10 Practical Tips   by Debbie Weil   1. Just do it. As soon as a plan to publish your book is in place, start your book blog with <span class=95StoneSerifIt> ($4.95 a month) or (free). Worry about the details later. Just get it going!   2. Grab …

Brent Sampson, August 2005
Pay-per-Click Book Promotion: Seven Tips for Success »

Pay-for-performance or pay-per-click Internet advertising is making big waves lately, and the two biggest players are Google and Yahoo (which recently acquired Overture to become a major player in the search arena once again). Microsoft recently jumped in with MSN Search, while numerous other fish (albeit tadpoles) are active in the pond.   With pay-per-click …

Dan Poynter, June 2005
Discussion Groups for Publishers »

Pub-Forum. One of the oldest lists. Pub-Forum is unmoderated and populated by experienced publishers. This is where the characters of book publishing hang out. Comments sometime get off-topic. Newbies are welcome as long as they have read at least one book on publishing and know the bare-bones basics of the industry (like how to get …

Reid Goldsborough, June 2005
Running Your Own Online Discussion Groups »

At their best, online discussion groups expand your business and social contacts, exposing you to information and opinion you wouldn’t find otherwise and to worldwide camaraderie. In one discussion group I frequent, the camaraderie was recently shattered when the moderator decided to ban one of the regulars who kept sending inflammatory and insulting posts despite …

Jonathan Kirsch, March 2005
The Brave New World of Google Print »

Google is the world’s largest Internet search engine–but the Internet apparently does not contain enough content to satisfy its appetite. To provide ever-greater searchable databases for Google users, the so-called Google Print program will make available the entire collections of several vast libraries, including the New York Public Library and the libraries of Harvard, Stanford, …

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