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Toni Albert, October 2002
Author Visits to Schools:
Prime Support for the Children’s Book Publishing Habit »

Would you like to talk about your book to an enthusiastic, captive audience of 500 students and teachers and be paid $400 to $2,000 for doing it? Would you enjoy having volunteers sell your books and arrange newspaper, radio, and TV publicity for you? Would you appreciate being celebrated as an author–receiving fan mail with …

Jeanne Warren Lindsay, Morning Glory Press, June 2002
Niche Marketing to Schools »

One of the best niches for small publishers lies within the school system. Yes, the big publishers have a stronghold on the textbook market–and for good reason. Basically, it’s because this market is huge, and each state adopts its own texts. The state-based standards mean that it takes staff and dollars to go through the …

Robin Bartlett, November 2001
Tapping the Educational Market »

Does your book have educational market potential? Have elementary or high-school teachers told you that it would be appropriate as a supplement for their courses? Could it be “adopted” in junior or four-year colleges? If it’s a children’s book, have you explored the Pre-K market? Giving tips on the wide range of educational market opportunities …

Nick Weir-Williams, Northwestern University Press, May 1999
Don’t Forget the College Market »

It’s tempting as we go around chasing Internet sales and working out how to get more titles into fewer bookstores to forget about an important market. For relatively little effort, this market can supply not only sales today, but sales next year and every year. Those sales are to be found in the college market, …

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