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Julia Graddy, February 2007
A One-Two Punch at Conferences Boosts Sales to Schools »

    A One-Two Punch at Conferences Boosts Sales to Schools   by Julia Graddy   Many K–16 publishers rightly wonder whether exhibiting at a conference is worth the money, time, and effort. After all, the bare-booth costs can start at $1,000 for major educational groups such as the International Reading Association and the National …

Steven Karris, January 2007
When Professors Ask for Resources »

    When Professors Ask for Resources   by Steven Karris   Recently, professors have been contacting me to find out what “resources” I provide for titles they are considering for adoption. By resources they mean anything that can help alleviate their workload, including a syllabus, solutions to end-of-chapter exercises, exam problems with solutions, programming …

Steven Karris, August 2006
Selling E-books in the Academic Market »

  With the prices of textbooks skyrocketing and libraries coping with lean budgets and limited shelf space, e-book sales for academic titles can only go up. Through ebrary, NetLibrary, Content Reserve (OverDrive), and books24×7, some of my titles are now available in more than 300 academic libraries in the United States, and I recently signed …

Herb Marlow, July 2006
Kids’ Books Sell Through School »

The lines spread through the gym, snaking around the athletic equipment, and I wondered just how long it would be before I could load up and make it to my afternoon booking. The librarian and her assistants were helping kids select their books and collecting the money as fast as they could, and when the …

Mary Ellen Lepionka, November 2005
How to Reach the Education Market: Determining K–12 Market Fit, Market Placement, and Market Appeal »

“We publish a series on natural history. How can we get teachers to buy it for their students?”   “I publish children’s nonfiction about friendship and other aspects of interpersonal relationships. How can I get my books into the classroom?”   “I wrote a civics text for today’s teens. How can I get it into …

Ken Wachsberger, September 2005
Parlaying a Kind Word into a Major Textbook Sale »

That first big textbook sale, the one that earns you a chair at the big publishers’ table, requires patience. Hang in there. As the author of <span style=’font-size:11.0pt’>Transforming Lives, a composition textbook for grades 9–12 and first-year college, I made sales at the college level immediately just by talking to colleagues and peers and giving …

Joanne S. Silver, March 2005
Mission Remembrance: Publishing Personal Stories That Keep History’s Lessons Alive »

In the film Les Invasions barbares, a terminally ill professor laments: “If only I had written something.” Beach Lloyd Publishers, LLC, is trying to fulfill that wish to leave something lasting behind. Although we have been in existence for only two-and-a-half years, what began as a translating project has morphed into a company with five …

Bill Jelen, June 2004
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From Students for Students »

This year Holy Macro! Books celebrated Small Press Month by sponsoring a “Write a Book Proposal” contest at the local high school. We gave students guidelines on what should be in a book proposal and encouraged them to submit proposals for books that would interest high school students. I appeared at the high school to …

Steven Karris, May 2004
The High Price of Textbooks: Can Smaller Publishers Help? »

According to surveys conducted by the University of California, students spend an average of about $900 a year on textbooks, up from about $640 seven years ago. This represents an annual increase of approximately 6 percent, far above the annual rate of inflation. It is nearly as bad as the rising costs of health care. …

Mary Ellen Lepionka, September 2003
How to Compete in the College Textbook Market »

Today, by size and by revenue, the American college textbook market is dominated by seven giant multinational companies–Thomson, Pearson, Jones & Bartlett, Houghton Mifflin, McGraw-Hill, Norton, and Wiley. Through mergers and acquisitions during the last decade, these giants have absorbed dozens of smaller textbook and educational media companies. Through corporate branding, even the names of …

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