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Linda Carlson, December 2007
Standing-Order Plans: The Structures and the Payoffs »

      Standing-Order Plans: The Structures and the Payoffs by Linda Carlson How do publishers turn browsers into buyers? One strategy is to eliminate the browsing. That’s how standing-order plans work. You don’t have to overcome the natural inertia of prospective buyers, because you make one sale and it pays off time and again. …

Jenny McCune, January 2006
Getting Librarians to Buy Your Books »

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2006 by Jenny McCune — Librarians have less time, fewer staff members, and smaller budgets these days for evaluating and buying books. That makes it harder for independent publishers to get their books noticed among the hundreds of new titles launched every day. As reported in last month’s PMA Independent, participation in the …

Jenny McCune, December 2005
Putting CIP in Perspective »

The Library of Congress’s Cataloging in Publication (CIP) program seems to be causing independent publishers a lot of unnecessary anguish. Established in 1971 to create bibliographic records for books not yet published, the program is supposed to streamline processing for libraries. With that in mind, publishers who don’t meet CIP criteria often assume that their …

Chris Kahn, April 2005
Reaching the Library Market »

People often ask me what books librarians buy and how they choose titles. This is not a coincidence, since I represent the Reed Business Information magazines Library Journal (LJ), School Library Journal (SLJ), CRÍTICAS, and their assorted Web sites and newsletters in the western United States and Canada. This article answers those questions in terms …

David Kipen, March 2005
Is Time Running Out on Public Libraries–and Literature? »

Inside a deserted building in Salinas, down one pitch-black aisle, somewhere on shelves reeking of mildew, a book will be waiting. Maybe there’ll be more than one copy. It won’t matter. The building will be locked. Last fall, the voters of Salinas declined to rescind the cuts that doomed the building, which is their public …

Lisa Krebs, September 2004
The ALA Report »

The four-day American Library Association Show in Orlando, Florida, in June attracted more than 25,000 people, including many acquisition librarians who came to attend seminars and look for new books to add to their collections. PMA had a good location near the main entrance; traffic in the booth was generally active and steady, and being …

Martha Sloan, August 2004
The View from the Librarian’s Desk »

I am the coordinator of public services for the Des Plaines Public Library, a medium-sized library right outside Chicago, adjacent to O’Hare Airport. One of my responsibilities is our collection, which includes books and audiovisual materials like DVDs and CDs. The library serves a diverse community of 57,000. For 20 percent of the population, English …

PMA Mail file, June 2004
Idea File
What Librarians Want »

We continually check with the recipients of our program materials to find ways to help members create better flyers. This helpful advice comes from a librarian: Always include the ISBN, in large bold type if possible, to make it easy for us to order from wholesalers. Larger type is a help to keyboarders who are …

Jerry Labriola, February 2004
Library Tours: How to Set Them Up and What They Can Do for You »

Conducting a regional library tour is one of the least appreciated ways to sell books and gain crucial exposure at the same time. If you live in a small state, the tour might include most of its libraries. If your state is too large for that, confine your visits to a manageable geographical area. The …

Ellen Metter, July 2003
A New Pathway to Library Promotion:
The Authors@YourLibrary Opportunity »

Most authors and publishers know that library programs can be good book promotion tools. But are they taking full advantage of the possibilities? Library Journal editor Francine Fialkoff doesn’t think so. “Publishers shouldn’t just think in terms of author-signings and readings,” she says. “There are so many programs possible on so many subjects. Publicists should …

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