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Robin Bartlett, June 2016
Placement Tips for Small Publishers »

PUBLISHED JUNE 2016 by IBPA Independent magazine In this monthly IBPA Independent Roundtable, we answer the following question posed by IBPA member, Robin Bartlett: “What are some practical and economic steps that small independent publishers (with less than five to 10 titles and who are operating on a shoestring budget) can take to get local …

Melissa M. Williams, December 2011
How to Have a Successful Bookstore Event »

With the right plan and marketing, you can almost guarantee a sell-out bookstore event. As an author and a publisher of children’s chapter books, I’ve always made my goals selling lots of copies and, more important, selling out, for one major reason: I never want books returned to my publishing house. Returns expenses eat into, …

John Mutter, September 2011
Bookstores: The Bigger Picture »

Bookstores are dying. Indie bookstores are dying. Chain bookstores are dying. If you needed any reminder of this dreary take on book retailing, you got it when Borders Group finally gave up the ghost and announced it was shutting down for good. Through the end of September, the last 399 Borders and Walden bookstores—two-thirds of …

David Cole, February 2004
Investing in Better Bookstore Business: Seven Ways to Buy "Pull" »

Getting your books into bookstores can be a Pyrrhic victory if they sit on the shelves and then get returned. In marketing terms, you have created “push,” but you also need “pull”–consumers walking into the stores and buying your books–thus generating bookstore reorders and long-term success. To create pull, you can use public relations, direct …

by Laurie McBride, New Vendor Acquisitions, Border, September 2002
The Basics of Marketing to Borders »

and Cynthia Frank, President, Cypress House There’s a place for titles from small and independent publishers in the big bookstore chains, and marketing your title to them may be easier than you think. The larger chains (Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million) represent well over one-quarter of retail bookstore sales in the United States. In …

Marcella Smith, July 2001
What Makes Barnes & Noble Decide to Buy a Book? »

In any given week, the Small Press Department at Barnes & Noble receives more than 100 new titles to be considered for inclusion in the store title mix. Over the years, the ratio of “titles selected” to “titles passed” has remained steady; we tag three out of every 10 for distribution into the stores and …

Robin Bartlett, September 1998
Getting Picked Up by the Chains »

I recently spoke with representatives from Barnes & Noble/B. Dalton and Borders/Waldenbooks about the steps and procedures PMA members should follow to have their books considered for purchase. I thought this information might make a good PMA Newsletter article and I had most of the research at finger-tip and ready to go.As I started to …

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