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Ivan Hoffman, April 2002
Troubles with Rights Transfers »

PUBLISHED APRIL 2002 by Ivan Hoffman, Publishing Attorney — Publishers, authors, Web site owners and designers, cover artists, illustrators, recording artists, songwriters, record and music publishing companies, and any other parties that deal in and with copyrights of any sort should pay careful attention to a case coming out of the United States Court of …

Lloyd L. Rich, January 2001
E-Rights: Tasini Revisited »

During the past few years, electronic rights or “e-rights” have significantly increased in importance to everyone involved in the publishing community. Today one cannot read an industry publication, attend a conference, or engage in a lengthy discussion with another publishing professional without encountering e-rights publishing. Authors, agents, and (book, e-book and print-on-demand) publishers are involved …

Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D., December 1999
Giving Up Your Book Rights »

PUBLISHED DECEMBER 1999 by Ivan Hoffman, Publishing Attorney — Without knowing it, publishers, Web site designers, and others may find that they have unintentionally given up valuable rights when they enter into a contract. What often seems like innocuous language, something publishers and designers believe they have seen countless times, may turn out to have …

Godfrey Harris, January 1999
E-Rights: A New World for Authors & Publishers »

The Internet is opening more than just expanded sales opportunities to publishers. Internet technology now allows for the protected sale of entire books-one volume at a time, or particular segments of certain books-piece by piece, to a variety of buyers. In addition, handheld devices-e-books-are said to soon be capable of making electronic books as comfortable …

Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D., March 1998
Foreign Publishing Deals and the European Common Market »

PUBLISHED MARCH 1998 by Ivan Hoffman, Publishing Attorney — There are potentially enormous changes coming about in the world of foreign publishing. American publishers should make every effort to stay abreast of these changes so that they may position their businesses to take advantage of the opportunity these changes may bring. In a previous article, …

Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D, October 1997
Electronic Publishing and the Potential Loss of First Serial Rights »

PUBLISHED OCTOBER 1997 by Ivan Hoffman, Publishing Attorney — The Internet offers the publisher and the writer the freedom to post articles to a website, to news groups, or to writing groups for the purpose of critiquing a work. The question then arises whether or not such activities prevent the author or publisher from subsequently …

Judith Appelbaum, June 1996
Millions of Dollars of Sub-Rights Money Now Available »

PUBLISHED JUNE 1996 by Judith Appelbaum, Editor, IBPA Independent A new BISAC form with the potential to help publishers collect millions of dollars in “mystery money”-i.e., payments from buyers of subsidiary rights that come with inadequate documentation-is about to go out to the leading large publishers and thousands of smaller houses. Developed by the Book Industry …

Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D, May 1996
Electronic Rights »

PUBLISHED MAY 1996 by Ivan Hoffman, Publishing Attorney — At the inception of any new medium, those in the already existing media cry out about the imminent downfall of their cherished territory. This happened when television came in and those in the movie industry screamed about the loss of their markets. This happened when the …

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