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Reid Goldsborough , March 2000
Monitoring the Latest in Computer Screens »

You probably don’t think twice about your computer monitor. Most people simply take the monitor that comes with their computer. (The vast majority of computers are sold with monitors, despite the misleading practice by some manufacturers of pricing computers without them.) And you probably won’t think again about your monitor until it’s time to buy …

Reid Goldsborough , March 2000
Computing from the Web »

What’s old is new again. In the old days of computers, you used a “dumb terminal” and rented processing time with a big mainframe computer. Today you once again can use a computer with minimal processing power and run programs that reside elsewhere.Only today, you access these programs, called Web apps, through the Internet.It works …

Reid Goldsborough, December 1999
Click, and You Shall Find »

If you approach the Web as a library rather than a shopping mall, video arcade, or discussion circle, you need some way of quelling the riot of information you’ll find there. Portals such as Yahoo are one attempt to make the Web more manageable, aggregating content and services in the hope that you’ll stick around. …

Reid Goldsborough, November 1999
Other Sources of Computer News »

What you’re reading right now is an attempt at providing helpful information and advice about personal computers and the Internet. But the world of information technology is as varied as it is complex, and there are plenty of other places to seek out news and tips on these topics. Computer magazines and their online kin …

Reid Goldsborough, October 1999
Personal Computing »

The Gold Rush of 1999 has begun. Unlike the California Gold Rush of a century and a half ago, this one is for the rich surfing experience made possible by high-speed modems. It’s also a race for the wallets and pocketbooks of consumers-both individuals and businesses-who have been complaining about the World Wide Wait and …

Reid Goldsborough, August 1999
Words for the Wise: Writing for the Web »

In cyberspace, “you are what you write,” says Charles Rubin, author of 30 books about technology including Guerrilla Marketing Online. Whether you’ve created a Web site to promote your organization or to share your enthusiasm for the music of Miles Davis, you should pay close attention to the words you use.”People’s opinion of you online …

Reid Goldsborough, July 1999
How to Hire a Web Consultant »

XML. Dynamic HTML. CSS. Java. JavaScript. CGI. Perl. RealVideo. RealAudio. Flash. Shockwave. SSL. These are just some of the technologies used by sophisticated Web sites today. If the thought of trying to master them makes your head spin, you’ll need to bring in outside help.A Web consultant can build a Web site for you from …

Reid Goldsborough , June 1999
How to Teach a Computer Novice »

Let’s face it. Using a computer can be difficult. Despite the advent of graphical point-and-click software, plug-and-play peripherals, and new PCs and Macs that come in an array of friendly colors, computers and the programs that run on them can still be tough to learn. You may well be a computer cognoscente who feels right …

Reid Goldsborough, May 1999
Internet Mailing Lists Offer Targeted Discussions »

Internet mailing lists aren’t as flashy as Web discussion groups or as visible as Usenet newsgroups, but they can be far more useful. Reading and responding to messages in these e-mail discussion groups is considerably faster than working through the Web. And because they usually cover subject matter that’s narrower in focus than Usenet discussion …

Reid Goldsborough, March 1999
Personal Computing: Linux May Give Windows Some Competition »

Looking around a typical office, all you see is Windows. More than nine of ten personal computers run one or another of Microsoft’s operating systems. It didn’t use to be this way. A decade ago, there was vigorous competition in the desktop operating system market. IBM hadn’t yet conceded to Microsoft and stopped marketing OS/2 …

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