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Reid Goldsborough, July 2007
Don’t Let Your PC Turn Into a Zombie »

    SAVVY COMPUTING   Don’t Let Your PC Turn Into a Zombie   by Reid Goldsborough   Even the name is scary: Z<span class=95StoneSerifIt>ombie. The most familiar meaning of the word <span style=’font-size:11.0pt’>zombie, made popular by Hollywood, is a corpse that has come back to life. But another dictionary definition is “one who looks …

Reid Goldsborough, April 2007
Windows Vista: What to Do? »

    SAVVY COMPUTING   Windows Vista: What to Do?   by Reid Goldsborough   A personal computer’s operating system is its brains. It tells your programs how to interact with your hardware, transmitting your intentions into words, calculations, photos, or any of the other tasks PCs handle.   Whenever an operating system is upgraded, …

Reid Goldsborough, February 2007
Making a Name for Your Site »

    SAVVY COMPUTING Making a Name for Your Site   by Reid Goldsborough   Some people don’t care what you call them as long as you call them. Some Web site owners feel the same. Yet a Web site’s domain name can be a powerful way to get people through your virtual door.   …

Reid Goldsborough, January 2007
Really Simple Syndication »

    SAVVY COMPUTING   Really Simple Syndication   by Reid Goldsborough   Imagine having just the information you need delivered to you as soon as it becomes available. That’s always been the Holy Grail of the Information Age.   Since the Internet became the Internet, people have tried to come up with better ways …

Reid Goldsborough, December 2006
Traveling with Technology, and Its Glitches »

    SAVVY COMPUTING   Traveling with Technology, and Its Glitches   by Reid Goldsborough   Airline rules continue to change, regarding carry-on laptop computers as well as carry-on toiletries. Some airlines banned the batteries of some laptops because of the risk they might explode in midair. As of this writing, rules were easing, but …

Reid Goldsborough, November 2006
Help Site Visitors Find What They’re After »

    SAVVY COMPUTING   Help Site Visitors Find What They’re After   by Reid Goldsborough   Helping visitors to your site find information quickly is a key to making their experience there positive.   When designing or redesigning a site, or working with a Web designer, think about how you access Web sites yourself. …

Reid Goldsborough, October 2006
Flash Drives: The Latest, Greatest Gadget »

The one constant about personal computers is change, and the PC technology that has changed the most involves storage devices. In 1981, the first IBM PC came with one or two 160-kilobyte floppy drives. Following the lead of Apple’s first iMac in 1998, most of today’s PCs dispense with floppies.   Various technologies—from Zip drives …

Reid Goldsborough, September 2006
The Future of Information Technology »

Thinking about the future can help you shape it. Thinking too much about the future can make you spacey.   By the year 2019, thanks to information technology, humans will have largely overcome the limits of our humanity. We will have found cures for the major diseases that kill 95 percent of us in the …

Reid Goldsborough, August 2006
What to Do About Internet Hoaxes »

  If you’ve been on the Internet for any period of time, you’ve no doubt received alarming forwarded emails from well-meaning friends and relatives about dire threats to your health or safety. You’ve probably seen similar warnings on blogs and in online discussion groups and chat rooms.   Examples of these alarming bulletins include:   …

Reid Goldsborough, July 2006
The End of the Free Internet? »

A key reason the Internet has succeeded as it has is that it’s largely free, aside from the costs of getting onto it. But its success has been accompanied by more and more efforts to capitalize on it, from both private enterprise and the government. More changes loom ahead.   Protesting Pay-to-Send Schemes   One …

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