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Reid Goldsborough , March 1999
Personal Computing: Stuck? Consider a Computer User Group »

Linking to someone else’s Web site by placing its content inside a frame at your own Web site can get you in trouble for copyright infringement. Putting another company’s trademark in the “metatag” for your Web site as a way of attracting visitors is a trademark violation. If you send e-mail at work, your employer …

Reid Goldsborough, January 1999
Personal Computing: The Need for Speed on the Internet »

Virtually everybody wants faster Internet access. A new study by the Yankee Group, a market research firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, revealed that 84% of those online feel a need for more speed. Web sites laden with graphics and other special effects can slow even a screaming new PC down to a crawl. The problem …

Reid Goldsborough, December 1998
PCs & the Productivity Paradox »

Despite the riotous instability of stock prices lately, some prognosticators are advising us not to worry. Sure, the stock market has experienced unprecedented growth without a significant downslide for seven straight years. And sure, the market has always been cyclical in the past.But we’re in the midst of a revolution, say the pundits, an information …

Reid Goldsborough, October 1998
Personal Computing Faxing in the Age of the Internet »

Ever since Internet-based e-mail became widespread, I’ve regarded faxing as a dinosaur technology-big, slow, and destined for extinction.Faxing without a computer requires a fax machine and often a dedicated phone line, which can be unwanted expenses. Faxing with a computer entails sending huge amounts of bitmapped data, which is a lot slower than sending text-based …

Reid Goldsborough, September 1998
Is the PC Dead? »

Is it time to scrap your PC or dump your investments in the likes of PC kingpins Intel and Microsoft?For the past five years, a vocal mélange of pundits and industry leaders have been predicting the death of the PC. It’s complicated, expensive, unreliable, and underutilized, they say. In fact, IBM-the mainframe computer giant that …

Reid Goldsborough, September 1998
Personal Computing »

Personal computers are mysterious things, representing both promise and peril. Master their wizardry, and play a part in a bright and prosperous future. Fail to catch on, and get left behind in the technological junk heap of history.The lure-the demand-to be computer-literate today is stronger than ever, a trend that’s bound to continue accelerating. Sure, …

Reid Goldsborough, August 1998
Avoid Getting »

Computer superstores today are the single most popular site where people buy personal computers retail, and they can be daunting places. Fail to prepare properly, take a false step, and you may get hit hard with a payment much higher than you had expected.To place things in perspective, you should first know about all of …

Reid Goldsborough, July 1998
Computer Viruses: How Serious a Threat? »

How many times have you heard a comment like this: “My computer is acting up. It must be a virus.” Truth is, most computer glitches are caused by software conflicts or “user error.” Viruses do get a lot of publicity, and it’s easy to see why. They have an ominous and mysterious aura. But just …

Reid Goldsborough, May 1998
Beware When Buying from Computer Superstores »

If you’ve never bought a personal computer, it can be a scary experience. Your friends or coworkers will probably fire off strange technical terms in giving you advice. The money is sizable. And walking into a computer superstore-the most common way new users buy PCs-can be overwhelming. I recently followed the experience of a new …

Reid Goldsborough, April 1998
Getting Realistic about Cable Modems »

For the last six weeks, I’ve been peeking into the future of the Internet, and I like what I see. I’ve been testing out the @Home cable Internet service, offered by Comcast, TCI, and Cox. Accessing the Internet through a cable modem is a totally different experience from accessing it through a conventional modem, even …

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