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Reid Goldsborough, August 2009
Freeware Best Bets »

      TOOLS Freeware Best Bets  by Reid Goldsborough The best things in life may be free: fresh air, a beautiful sunset, hugs. But with computers, is it true that there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Not necessarily. “Freeware” has been around since close to the beginning of the personal computer revolution, …

Reid Goldsborough, April 2009
Using the Web to Get Traditional Publicity »

      Using the Web to Get Traditional Publicity by Reid Goldsborough For many people, the Web is all about hits, unique visitors, and links. Approached this way, the Internet becomes a more or less closed system where you primarily get the attention of others on the Web. Despite the competition from the Web …

Reid Goldsborough, February 2009
Battling Information Overload »

      Battling Information Overload by Reid Goldsborough Email. Blogs. Texting. Online discussion groups. Instant messaging. RSS feeds. Web sites. Not to mention such “old media” sources as newsletters, journals, reports, books, newspapers, and magazines. In this Jetsonian Tomorrowland we live in, facilitated by the Internet, we’re inundated with information. Information overload isn’t a …

Reid Goldsborough, July 2008
The Authenticity of Online Experts »

      The Authenticity of Online Experts by Reid Goldsborough One of the more curious phenomena of the online world is “Internet expertism.” The Internet is a marvelously democratic institution, letting ordinary people air their views in public and receive responses back, not just politicians, business leaders, entertainers, journalists, and the like. It’s everybody …

Reid Goldsborough, April 2008
Controlling the Lifespan of Your Words »

      Controlling the Lifespan of Your Words by Reid Goldsborough When you put up a Web site or blog or participate in Internet discussions, you may think that your words, whether they’re hasty or wise, will gradually fade away over time. But Internet archive systems exist that, in all likelihood, are preserving them …

Reid Goldsborough, March 2008
Finding the Right Clothes for Your Words »

      Finding the Right Clothes for Your Words by Reid Goldsborough If you’re conscientious, you think carefully about the words you choose, whether you’re writing an email message or something more formal. Making yourself clearly understood helps you get your message across and helps your readers benefit from what you’re saying. Many people, …

Reid Goldsborough, December 2007
Phishing Away Your Identity »

      SAVVY COMPUTING   Phishing Away Your Identity by Reid Goldsborough You know not to do it. You don’t respond to those emails asking you to update your Social Security number or credit card, bank, or other financial information or verify your password at eBay, PayPal, or other e-commerce Web sites. You don’t …

Reid Goldsborough, November 2007
When Blogging Gets Heated »

      SAVVY COMPUTING When Blogging Gets Heated by Reid Goldsborough Emotional arguments punctuated with name-calling, insults, and other abuse have always been a part of online communication. From the days when computer bulletin-board systems run by hobbyists ruled the online roost, people have shouted at and down each other using their computer keyboards. …

Reid Goldsborough, September 2007
Beef Up the Content of Your Web Site »

      SAVVY COMPUTING Beef Up the Content of Your Web Site by Reid Goldsborough On the Web, content is king. Or should be. If you want people to visit, stick around, and come back, give them substance to satisfy them. The appearance of your Web site is still important, helping establish professionalism and …

Reid Goldsborough, August 2007
Computer Viruses: How Serious Is the Threat? »

    SAVVY COMPUTING   Computer Viruses: How Serious Is the Threat?   by Reid Goldsborough   “My computer is acting up. It must be a virus.” You’ve undoubtedly heard comments like this, or even thought this yourself. In fact, most computer glitches are caused by software conflicts or user error.   Viruses aren’t as …

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