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--, July 2006
Discoveries at the Big Spring Shows »

What I Learned at PMA-U   by Douglas Johnson   Our fledgling publishing company needs to reach out to our audience (figurative artists) and generate awareness of our first book, Art Models. As a result, I took many of the PMA-U Marketing Track courses, while my wife and business partner, Maureen, soaked up advice on …

Robin Bartlett, March 2006
“Your Best Year Yet! Working Smarter and More Profitably in 2006” A First Look at This Year’s PMA University Events »

One of the highlights of PMA University 2006 will be hearing Walter Mosley—author of 19 critically acclaimed books and best known for his <span style=’font-size:11.0pt’>Easy Rawlins mysteries—talk about why he decided to publish some of his work with an independent publisher.   Mosley will be the keynote speaker at the 2006 PMA University, which will …

Robin Bartlett, May 2005
Five Courses You Will Meet at PMA University (with apologies to Mitch Albom) »

When I interviewed speakers for five of the courses at this year’s PMA University, I was pleased to discover that, without coaching, they all sounded the theme of this year’s program: “Inventive Publishers Reinventing Publishing.” If you’re still on the fence about whether to attend the 2005 PMA University, read on to get a taste …

Robin Bartlett, April 2005
The First Full-Day PMA-U Program for Midsize Publishers »

There’s a brand new program that is part of this year’s PMA University. It’s called The Mid-Size Publishers Event; it’s scheduled for Thursday, June 2, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and it’s designed for publishers, CEOs, or CFOs of companies with 50 or more titles in print and sales of at least $2 million …

Robin Bartlett, March 2005
Three Reasons to Keep Coming Back: An Overview of PMA University 2005 »

About eight years ago, as a new member of the PMA board of directors, I was enlisted by Jan Nathan to organize the PMA University. Back then, the program took two days, consisted of 45 courses and a banquet, and drew about 250 to 300 attendees. The 2005 program features 70 courses over three days, …

Charles R. Kuster, February 2005
PMA-U and BEA: The Best Parts of the Big Spring Events »

My 2004 BEA/PMA Publishing University experience was educational, a bit overwhelming, troubling, and invigorating. PMA-U sessions provided exactly the mental jumpstart I sought. Few peer publishers operate in my locale, so the sessions, handouts, and networking opportunities were an intellectual goldmine. The common thread was, of course, book marketing. Interestingly, a huge spread existed in …

Robin Bartlett, PMA University Chair, April 2004
Program Previews: Conversations with Three Key PMA-U Speakers »

Recently, I had an opportunity to interview the speakers for three valuable special sessions at this year’s PMA University. One thing I learned is that all attendees will benefit from these sessions. Whether this is your first time attending PMA-U or you’re a University veteran, you’ll take away information that you can put to use …

Robin Bartlett, PMA University Chair, February 2004
PMA University Preview: What’s in It for You? »

Every year, I have the pleasure of working with a creative and talented group of course organizers while planning the PMA University. We will be holding the event at the Marriott Hotel in Chicago on June 1, 2, and 3, just prior to the start of Book Expo America (BEA). Our theme is Independent Book …

Swanee Ballman, January 2004
Fired Up: How PMA-U Helped Me Build My Business »

This past year I was honored with a scholarship to PMA University. Being there was a tremendous experience that rejuvenated my creative marketing abilities. As a former English teacher, I had spent hours working with local schools and on educational projects, donating much of my time. However, after attending PMA-U, I determined that I possess …

Lew Osteen, Oz-Osteen Zalar Publishing Co., August 2003
Looking Back on — and Forward from — PMA-U »

Thanks to the officers and members of the Sacramento Publishers and Authors Association who awarded me the 2003 PMA scholarship to Publishing University, I am now in a position to say the following: “Whew!” I had no idea what a wealth of information I would be offered over a three- day period through more than …

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