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Robert Bahou, January 2017
10 Tips for Self-Publishing Through Kickstarter »

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2017 by Robert Bahou, photographer 1. Fully funded is not the same as successful. Success in Kickstarter is not measured by if you are fully funded, for that is only part of the process. In order to host a truly successful campaign, you need to fulfill each of the following. Your campaign is …

Lynn Rosen, August 2016
Blazing Trails »

PUBLISHED AUGUST 2016 by Lynn Rosen, IBPA Independent contributing editor IBPA Independent’s consulting editor, Lynn Rosen, asked nine people in the publishing world about the ideas exciting them and the innovations they’ve been able to put into action. See their responses below. Brian O’Leary Principal, Magellan Media Consulting What is the most innovative thing happening …

Christopher Robbins, September 2012
Choose Your Publishing Paradigm »

  Choose Your Publishing Paradigm September 2012 Christopher Robbins   During my 20 years as an independent publisher, I’ve given a lot of thought to the traditional trade-book publishing process, and some time ago I came to the conclusion that there’s something radically wrong with it. The process is well established, of course. Used by …

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