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Mary Shafer, January 2014
Skype is Your Friend »

Mary Shafer is an independent publisher, an award-winning author, and a marketing consultant with more than 20 years in the industry. Formerly president of the MidAtlantic Book Publishers Association, she provides guidance for authors considering self-publishing, and for indie publishers seeking greater success, at If you’re an indie publisher who hasn’t heard of Skype, …

Mary Shafer, December 2013
Total Website Strategy, Part 2: Managing Media, Customers, and Orders »

(SEE ALSO: Part 1) As the hub of your online presence, your publisher Website has many different functions, including: branding and positioning to promote your publishing house promoting your authors merchandising your books and other products courting the media staying in touch with your customers providing an ordering portal for your consumer, commercial, and/or wholesale …

Mary Shafer, November 2013
Total Website Strategy, Part 1: Promotion and Merchandising »

(SEE ALSO: Part 2) Indie publishers who understand the need for a comprehensive marketing plan for each season and each year also understand that a significant, coordinated online presence is part of that plan. Your publisher Website is the hub of your online presence, with the various social media channels—blog, Twitter stream, Facebook page(s), LinkedIn …

Linda Carlson, May 2013
Building Better Websites: Tips from a Through-and-Through Book Person »

As you’ve probably noticed, the recently transformed IBPA Website is sleek and clean and gives IBPA a new level of online sophistication—but there’s much more to it than aesthetics. Interestingly, the person responsible for giving the site 21st-century functionality got her start with books about 18th- and 19th-century art, furniture, and housewares, and she considers …

IBPA Members, January 2013
What Publishers’ Websites Can Do: Part 3 »

(SEE ALSO: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) INTRODUCTION: In this final installment of our series on Websites’ many uses, two leitmotifs seem especially clear—one that might be summed up as Set Smart Goals, and one that amounts to Link Lots of Ways. It’s useful, of course, to know what cool things you can make …

IBPA Members, November 2012
What Publishers’ Websites Can Do: Part 1 »

(SEE ALSO: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) INTRODUCTION: Do IBPA members build Websites that accomplish everything a useful Website would accomplish? Quite possibly. And even if they don’t, they certainly come close in the aggregate, as you’ll see from the reports below and in issues to come. As you’ll also see, a leitmotif in …

Jeremy Goldman, November 2012
Social Media Strategy: Go Where Your Audience Is »

Social Media Strategy: Go Where Your Audience Is by Jeremy Goldman When you go to a buffet, do you put a little bit of everything on your plate? Then, after your fourth trip to the buffet table to gorge yourself, do you realize that you might have been better off having had more of one …

Stephen Blake Mettee, October 2012
Use Sticky Landing Pages to Build Tribes – Board Member’s Memo »

This spring, at The Write Thought, we decided to jump into digital book publishing. I had sold my first publishing company, Quill Driver Books, in 2008, and my non-compete agreement was approaching expiration. For a few years, I’d been lollygagging around my son Josh’s wholesale company, American West Books, helping out a couple of days …

Joel Friedlander, October 2012
15 Steps to Powerful Videos »

  15 Steps to Powerful Videos October 2012 by Joel Friedlander   Video is everywhere in blogs today. As many people predicted, when Web surfers get broadband Internet service, they want blog video and lots of it. Let’s face it, we’ve all been raised on television in one way or another, and that’s got to …

Stephanie Chandler, October 2012
Promoting with Pinterest: How to Get the Most from This Hot Social Media Network »

How to Get the Most from This Hot Social Media Network October 2012 by Stephanie Chandler   According a recent report by Experian, Pinterest is currently the third-largest social media site in terms of the number of site visits each month. Putting the numbers in perspective, Facebook stood out above the rest with a whopping …

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