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Kate Siegel Bandos, November 2012
A Sample Author Questionnaire »

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2012 by Kate Siegel Bandos, KSB Promotions Reviewers, booksellers, and individual correspondents want to know many things about a new book. And other people need information about it too, including those responsible for preparing descriptive and biographical information for the cover and/or inside of the book, for press releases, and for other promotional …

Richard Hurley, August 2012
Multimedia Presentation: A Book Promotion Tool for David in a World of Goliaths »

Independent publishers can draw comfort from the story of David, the daring youth who stood up to Goliath and sent the boastful giant crashing to earth with a stone in his forehead. The tale is inspiring—and instructive. Recall that David turned down body armor, sword, and shield as he girded for battle. He chose a …

Linda Carlson, June 2012
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

Spotlight Title Makes TV “Noted social work book became clue on game show Jeopardy!” is the headline on the Social Workers Speak blog post about what it calls its “Hollywood connection.” Showcasing a title by White Hat Communications that’s now in its fourth edition, the post continues, “Days in the Lives of Social Workers: 58 …

Kimberly Kluver, November 2009
Legacy: The Story Behind a Successful Self-Published Novel »

On a hot July afternoon in the summer of 2006, two of my daughters wanted to go to the swimming pool; my middle daughter, who was not quite 14, did not. As a result, she ended up with both the house and our one and only computer to herself. She began to write a story, …

Tad Crawford & Michael Madole, July 2001
Achieving More with Author Questionnaires »

Every author dreams of selling huge quantities of his or her creative opus. And every publisher shares this dream, although perhaps with greater realism. How can the author and publisher combine forces to generate the most sales? How does an effective promotional campaign begin? Where can you uncover the secrets that will help in reaching …

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