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Linda Carlson, April 2015
Marketing Whatever You Have to Market, Part 2: Price Opportunities and Issues »

PUBLISHED APRIL 2015 by Linda Carlson, Reporter, IBPA Independent magazine — This is the second in a series of articles under the headline “Marketing Whatever You Have to Market.” Access the full series here. No matter what you’re marketing—print books, digital books, audio books, sidelines, your authors as speakers or experts, consulting services based on …

Thad McIlroy, April 2015
Mobile-Era Marketing »

PUBLISHED APRIL 2015 by Thad McIlroy, publishing analyst Mobile is where today’s customers are headed and where tomorrow’s customers already dwell. And mobile marketing requires a leader who can articulate a compelling technology strategy and keep it on course. This is a vexing issue for publishers. Mobile won’t succeed without a top-level commitment at the …

Jen Donovan, February 2015
Getting E-books into Libraries: Terms and Trends »

With the ever-increasing importance of libraries as a way readers can discover new authors and books, and with the growing popularity of digital access, the time has come for a close look at libraries and e-book licensing. It’s important to recognize that most libraries license, rather than buy, their e-books because the first sale doctrine …

Linda Carlson, February 2015
Getting E-books Into Libraries: What Librarians Want and Vendors Offer »

Say “e-books” and “libraries,” and independent book publishers are quick to express frustration. OverDrive dominates e-book distribution to libraries, and many small publishers struggle to get this vendor to sell their titles. Independent publishers also face two other obstacles when marketing e-books: Few libraries buy direct from publishers. Few libraries buy e-only titles. Discouraged? Here …

Jeff McCreight, August 2014
Understanding E-Book Formats »

Five years ago, when our small publishing house made our first efforts to break into digital publishing, I remember struggling to learn about this new thing called an EPUB. What is a style sheet anyway, and how do I build a container XML file? Even at my best, all I was able to create back …

Karen Christensen, August 2014
Up Against Amazon »

PUBLISHED AUGUST 2014 by Karen Christensen — Amazon doesn’t just take orders. It is used to barking orders at publishers and getting us to salute. But bullying only goes so far, and I’m thankful that a single large publisher, Hachette, stood up to it and that The New York Times ran an editorial about its …

Steve Gillen, September 2012
What Publishers Need to Know About Pricing, Terms, and Antitrust »

Given the evolving and unsettled state of pricing and distribution terms, this is a good time to learn, or relearn, what is permissible within the constraints of anticompetitive collusion and price discrimination. The information that follows focuses on cases against publishers from the late 1980s and early 1990s up to the most recent case against …

Robert Rosenwald, June 2012
Our E-book Pricing Experiments »

Our E-book Pricing Experiments June 2012 by Robert Rosenwald Poisoned Pen Press, which now has about 700 titles in print, started publishing e-books in 2008 and began to focus seriously on them in the middle of 2010 when changed its basic royalty structure from 35 percent to 70 percent. At the end of last …

Gene Schwartz, September 1996
Rules of Thumb in Pricing and Profitability »

PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 1996 by Eugene Schwartz, President, Consortium House When I first started my career in the printing business in New York City (after abandoning my civil engineering and public administration goals), I started selling for a $35-a-week draw against commissions. We did our own estimating, and my boss, Ozzie Schroeder, who could practically make …

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