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Nick Weir-Williams, August 1999
How Many Should I Print? »

If ever there was a contentious issue in publishing, the size of the first print run is one. Look at PW Forecasts each week-first print run 50,000, the New York publishers proudly proclaim. Is that the number that actually rolls off the press? Very rarely. Should you feel intimidated and small because you are printing …

Nick Weir-Williams, July 1999
The “Rest of Us” Are Doing Well »

The PMA Board held their most recent board meeting last month in Minneapolis, and in particular, we were very pleased to see so many Minnesota members from affiliate organizations. As the Board moves its meetings around the country, it is wonderful to see how strong and vibrant independent publishing is in so many states, and …

Nick Weir-Williams, Northwestern University Press, May 1999
Don’t Forget the College Market »

It’s tempting as we go around chasing Internet sales and working out how to get more titles into fewer bookstores to forget about an important market. For relatively little effort, this market can supply not only sales today, but sales next year and every year. Those sales are to be found in the college market, …

Nick Weir-Williams, Northwestern University Press, December 1998
Is The Sky Falling? »

Merger Mania Even by the standards of the last 10 years, an extraordinary series of takeovers occurred in the early days of November-certainly from the viewpoint of my own history in publishing. My first publishing company had long since disappeared into the academic publisher Routledge. Now Routledge itself was taken over by the venerable English …

Nick Weir-Williams, Northwestern University Press, November 1998
The Joy of the Frankfurt Book Fair »

The world of book publishers is divided between those who hate book fairs/conventions in general and those, like me, that look forward to them fervently, especially the Frankfurt Book Fair each October. There are many start-up publishers for whom the expense of these fairs is enormous in comparison to the rest of their marketing budget, …

Nick Weir-Williams, Northwestern University Press, October 1998
The PMA Parishes Program »

I’m very pleased this month to announce a new PMA initiative designed to increase and improve your personal connections with the association. Most publisher board members have been assigned a “parish,” a group of states in geographical proximity to their press, to which they will administer pastoral care.The idea is to enable you as members …

Nick Weir-Williams, Northwestern University Press, September 1998
The Joy of Editing »

Of all the attributes necessary for a publisher to have, editing is the one I’m worst at doing. Editors are born not made, and my close attention to detail chromosome must have been left behind along with the neatness one. I’m referring, of course, to copy editing. One of the many joys of this strange …

Florrie Binford Kichler, January 1995
President’s Post: First and Goal »

PUBLISHED JANUARY 1995 by Florrie Binford Kichler, IBPA Board President First and Goal In life, as in football, you won’t go far unless you know where the goalposts are. —Arnold Glasgow Colts 10, Kansas City 10. Two minutes left to play. Colts have the football. First down, 10 yards to go. The Colts quarterback takes …

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