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Kent Sturgis, November 2004
President’s Message:
Pardon My Side Trip into the Vast Unknown »

When I wrote a weekly column years ago for a newspaper in Fairbanks, Alaska, I indulged myself occasionally. After dutifully crafting four or five columns about local people and issues, I felt entitled–as a reward for my diligence–to go with something off the wall…you know, to see if readers were paying attention. This explains why …

Kent Sturgis, October 2004
President’s Report
News of Next Year »

Your new board of directors met for the first time recently near the PMA office in Manhattan Beach, California. What a dynamic group! The directors bring energy, creativity, a passion for publishing, and unfailing wit to the table–not to mention a couple of hundred years of collective experience making and marketing books. Outgoing president Don …

Kent Sturgis, September 2004
President’s Report
How You Found Cash to Start and Grow Your Companies »

The breadth and depth of your answers to an emailed question in July blew me away. I asked PMA members, “How and where do you raise capital?” More than 40 publishers responded. It should have come as no surprise to learn that you are as creative financing books as you are designing them. Most of …

Kent Sturgis, August 2004
Publishing’s Own Survival Show »

While the big picture indicates that bookselling has been “flat” since 9/11, many midsize publishers–especially those relying heavily on trade markets or on niche customers hurt by the recession–have found the past few years to be anything but smooth. Think of our collective experience getting through these lean years as material for a TV reality …

Kent Sturgis, July 2004
What Goes Around Comes Around »

As we struggled at Epicenter Press this spring with the unpleasant effects of two years of declining sales (sound familiar?) while fine-tuning hopeful forecasts and contemplating what may be a modest comeback in 2004, Jan Nathan called. The nominating committee wanted to know, would I be willing to serve a two-year term as PMA president? …

Don Tubesing, June 2004
President’s Report
A Paean to PMA: My Farewell Address »

I have served as your PMA president for the past two years. Now my term is at an end. This is my 24th monthly column, and the last for a while. (Oh, no, that particular fact won’t bring tears to my eyes!) Before I go, let me share a couple of personal observations. PMA continues …

Don Tubesing, May 2004
Value the Friendships »

As the end of my term as PMA president approaches, I sometimes find myself thinking about–and valuing–the many publishing colleagues who have become a significant part of my friendship network over the years. So many book people I first met 20 and 25 years ago have periodically appeared and reappeared at various events, providing us …

Don Tubesing, April 2004
President’s Report:
The Spring Status Report, and the Beginning of a Name-Change Conversation »

At its most recent meeting, the PMA board focused on several significant milestones and dealt with a host of issues that relate to current challenges facing our association and our members. The details of two days of discussions won’t fit into this column, but here are some highlights. The State of Our Association All is …

Don Tubesing, March 2004
President’s Report
The Two Essentials of Successful Selling »

When a high-powered salesman friend outlined his philosophy of successful selling for me more than 30 years ago, I wasn’t entirely convinced. “You need two things,” he said. “First, you need persistence, and that’s easy. Second, and most important, you need empathy, and that’s really difficult. You’ve got to be out there in people’s faces, …

Don Tubesing, February 2004
What PMA’s Standards Statement Can Do for You »

During the past year, the PMA board of directors has been working to craft a statement that defines standards for the independent book publishing industry. The driving need was to provide a way to distinguish professionally published books from products that may look like books but are not supported by the principles and processes essential …

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