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Linda Carlson, May 2014
POD Problem-Solving: Part 1 »

Linda Carlson writes for IBPA’s Independent magazine from Seattle, where she has just published Advertising with Small Budgets for Big Results using print-on-demand, and where she is at work on Part 2 of “POD Problem-Solving.” INTRODUCTION: When I emailed IBPA members to ask about experiences with print-on-demand and posted a similar query on selected LinkedIn …

Tamara Dever, March 2013
What a Difference a Book Design Makeover Makes »

What a Difference a Makeover Makes by Tamara Dever   Why do we love to watch extreme-makeover shows? Homes, yards, vehicles, restaurants, our bodies. Everyone loves to see something improve, especially when the transformation is wildly impressive, with changes that are much more than superficial. Yes, the car looks great, but it also runs better. …

Jonathan Scott, February 2012
Save Time and Money by Designing with E-books in Mind »

Save Time and Money by Designing with E-books in Mind by Jonathan Scott I have a message for anyone involved in print book production, design, and layout: If you don’t already design your books for the dual life most of them will have, start doing that now. I expect there will always be print-on-paper books, …

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