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Joel Friedlander, September 2015
Inputting an Index in InDesign »

PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 2015 by Joel Friedlander, Book Designer Nonfiction books almost always need an index. That’s one thing people in the book business generally agree on. Another is that the right person to create an index is a skilled professional who knows that an index is constructed from the concepts behind the terms and people …

David K. Ream , August 2014
The Case for E-book Indexes »

For centuries, printed books have included indexes to give readers easy access to particular aspects of their contents. But since the beginning of the digital age, many content providers have considered indexes extraneous, even though indexes offer users a higher degree of success than search functions in finding information; at least one study has shown …

Mary Harper, June 2010
The Whys and Hows of Indexing »

by Mary Harper Does my book need an index? That question comes up for anyone who is publishing nonfiction. As an indexer, I know that there are at least four good reasons to answer it with Yes. 1. Book reviewers often look for an index as a sign of quality. An index helps a book …

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