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Julie Broad, November/December 2021
7 Ways to Make Multiple Streams of Income From Your Nonfiction Book »

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2021 by Julie Broad, Founder, Book Launchers — “Hi. My name is James. I read your book, and I was wondering if you have any interest in taking on more investors for your deal.” When my first book, More than Cashflow, hit the market, one of the things that surprised me the most …

C. Hope Clark, August 2017
Finding Funding Through Grants »

PUBLISHED AUGUST 2017 by C. Hope Clark, Founder, Funds for Writers — Answers to your most common questions about obtaining grants. Every day, writers and self-publishers e-mail me about finding grants. Just like no two requests are alike, no two grants are alike, either. Here I try to answer the most frequently asked questions so …

Dave Marx, October 2013
The Title P&L for Predicting Profitability »

           The Title P&L for Predicting Profitability October 2013 by Dave Marx   Will this book make money? We all wish we could get a clear answer to that question when we’re trying to decide whether to publish a particular book. There are so many variables; how many copies can be …

Sonja Linsley, July 2013
Profiting by Sharing the Profits: The Higher Ground Press Story »

If you got into publishing to be rich and famous, I suggest you discuss hallucinatory therapy with your doctor. However, if you love people and you want them to buy your books, I want to suggest an idea that works well for Higher Ground Press, LLC. We’ve been in business for eight years. We sell …

Linda Carlson, March 2013
Figuring Profits with Multiple E-Book Formats »

The real cost of producing and selling electronic books is a figure that many publishers cannot yet determine. But as e-books increase in popularity, and publishers continue to expand their offerings in digital formats, accurate accounting of costs becomes more and more important. It’s what lets us accurately determine profitability. For titles produced only in …

Gordon Burgett, January 2012
Don’t Invest Until You Test: How to Find Out How Much You’d Make with a Niche Book (Before It Gets Written) »

  One of the huge benefits of niche publishing is that you can pretest to see if a book will sell (and roughly how many copies) before it exists. I backed into niche publishing about 15 years ago, and now most of my 40 published books are niche based. One field, dentistry, earned us about …

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