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Linda Carlson, September 2015
Marketing Whatever You Have to Market, Part 6: Promotion Opportunities and Issues (3 of 3) »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2015 by Linda Carlson, Reporter, IBPA Independent magazine — This is the sixth in a series of articles under the headline “Marketing Whatever You Have to Market.” Access the full series here. This is the final installment in a series of articles under the headline “Marketing Whatever You Have to Market” about using …

Brenda Avadian, July 2015
Should You Exhibit at Trade Shows? »

PUBLISHED JULY 2015 by Brenda Avadian, Founder, North Star Books People often ask whether it’s worthwhile to exhibit at a trade or association show such as BookExpo America, the Frankfurt Book Fair, or the American Library Association convention. “Worth” often refers to the cost of exhibiting, which can range from $150 for display of a …

Aaron Shepard, May 2015
Pointers on Readings for Kids »

PUBLISHED MAY 2015 by Aaron Shepard, self-publisher Authors of children’s books have many opportunities to read their stories, and children love to hear them. If you can bring your stories to life, you unlock their potential for young listeners—and perhaps the potential of reading in general. You are living proof that reading is not boring. …

Shelley Hitz, December 2014
29 Networking Tips for Live Events »

No matter how involved and adept you are at networking via social media, networking face to face remains a powerful tool for writers and publishers, among many others. Here is a compilation of 29 tips for in-person networking that I have gathered from colleagues and friends on Facebook as well as from my own online …

Eli Jackson, November 2014
Running Our Own Conference »

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2014 by Eli Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, Griffyn Ink Publishing Before A.J. Scudiere and I decided to launch a book conference, we knew it would be a huge undertaking, requiring a lot of planning and organization. Now we know that it’s do-able with time, dedication, and a little help from our friends. My …

Patricia L. Fry, November 2014
In-Person Sales Power »

A recent survey asked publishers and authors, “What’s the best form of promotion?” The largest percentage of people responded that they sell more books when they have personal contacts with readers. The thing is, readers want a relationship with authors, and they tend to be loyal to those authors they know something about through intermediaries …

Maggie Anton, Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva, David D. Horowitz, Randi Redmond Oster, Robert Rosenwald, Michael Sedge and Elizabeth Turnbull, October 2014
I Did It and I’m Glad: Publishing Decisions That Turned Out Well, Part 1 »

PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2014 SEE ALSO: Part 2, Part 3 Common Cause at Conventions During a convention for small publishers that I attended in Europe last year, someone said, “We sell more books at local festivals and city fairs than we ever do at autograph sessions in branches of major book chains.” Four months later, I …

Linda Carlson , September 2014
How to Use Associations for Book Marketing and Sales »

Associations—the ones your prospective customers belong to and the ones you’re eligible for—offer a variety of promotional opportunities for your books, some for as little as the cost of a review copy or a luncheon meeting. You can discreetly pass out book flyers when you’re attending a college alumni association event, submit an announcement to …

Karen Hough, September 2014
The Confidence Key to Successful Presentations »

The reason most people believe they’re bad presenters is that they’re bound by archaic rules that make them stiff and uncomfortable. So, what you need to do is give yourself permission to be who you are and to present in a way that is authentically yours. And if being the real you is “bad” according …

Robert Matzen , August 2014
10 Lessons I Learned From My PR Campaign »

Investing in a PR campaign opened up a world of readers for my book and helped me learn valuable lessons that I will put into practice with every future book. As I was writing Fireball: Carole Lombard and the Mystery of Flight 3, I often wondered if anyone would care about a movie star who …

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