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Deb Vanasse, May 2016
Updates from the Digital Frontier »

PUBLISHED MAY 2016 by Deb Vanasse, IBPA Independent staff reporter As the e-publishing landscape continues to evolve, agile and innovative independent publishers are thriving When the Association of American Publishers reported in 2015 that the meteoric rise in e-book sales was beginning to taper off, sighs of relief echoed from many corners of the industry. …

Bill Kasdorf, May 2016
Accessibility Has Never Been More Accessible to Publishers »

PUBLISHED MAY 2016 by Bill Kasdorf, Vice President, Apex Content Solutions We are all about to benefit from the mainstreaming of accessibility. Accessibility has long been one of those issues that most publishers realize they should be paying attention to but hope they can put off a while longer. While we’ve all admittedly had our …

Brian F. O’Leary, April 2016
Overcoming the Page Metaphor »

PUBLISHED APRIL 2016 by Brian O’Leary, Principal, Magellan Media Consulting Publishers and authors seeking sales across multiple platforms face a widely recognized challenge: discovery. More than ever, content abundance makes helping readers find a book a marketing priority. But publishers and authors face a less visible but equally significant challenge: demonstrating relevance to audiences that …

María Jesús Rojas, Elisa Yuste, José Antonio Vázquez, and Javier Celaya, July 2015
Selling Direct Around the World »

PUBLISHED JULY 2015 by Maria Jesus Rojas, Elisa Yuste, Jose Antonio Vasquez, & Javier Celaya Direct selling, also known as the B2C model, is defined as selling products directly to consumers without the intervention of distributors or other intermediaries. In the 1800s, manufacturers discovered that they could sell directly to customers through catalogs. In the …

Jeff McCreight, August 2014
Understanding E-Book Formats »

Five years ago, when our small publishing house made our first efforts to break into digital publishing, I remember struggling to learn about this new thing called an EPUB. What is a style sheet anyway, and how do I build a container XML file? Even at my best, all I was able to create back …

Aaron Shepard, June 2014
Make Your Kindle Book Look the Way It Should: Preview, Proof, and Test »

If you’re publishing on Kindle, chances are you want your book to look good on it. But that may require a task not usually performed: testing your e-book thoroughly. No, it’s not always enough to check your Kindle book in Amazon’s online previewer—and even someone you pay to convert may miss a problem your readers …

Rick Hubbard, March 2014
Why I Think Vellum Is Great for Cross Platform E-book Editing and Generation »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2014 by Rick Hubbard — If you are committed—as I am—to quickly and easily generating readable e-books for all major device types and e-readers, then you probably have: Bemoaned wasting hours and hours wrangling a manuscript from MS-Word through a convoluted maze of e-book tools into a form suitable for Kindle, iBooks and/or …

Linda Carlson, March 2013
Figuring Profits with Multiple E-Book Formats »

The real cost of producing and selling electronic books is a figure that many publishers cannot yet determine. But as e-books increase in popularity, and publishers continue to expand their offerings in digital formats, accurate accounting of costs becomes more and more important. It’s what lets us accurately determine profitability. For titles produced only in …

Linda Nix, March 2011
Producing E-books Isn’t Easy »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2011 by Linda Nix, Founder, Golden Orb Creative — Producing a book for e-readers is considerably more complicated than producing one for print. Instead of a familiar landscape easily navigated by experienced staff, you are confronted with an unstable terrain guarded by new gatekeepers, and you can’t find any reliable map. Consider the …

Linda Nix, January 2011
E-book Formats: The Basics »

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2011 by Linda Nix, Founder, Golden Orb Creative — Do you understand the difference between e-book readers and apps? Are you frustrated by having to produce different book files for different platforms? Is it hard for you to decide which format(s) you should be using to produce your books? The term e-book can …

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