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Linda Carlson, November 2014
Building on a Rich Tradition: The University of Oklahoma Press Story »

The first university press established in the Southwest, and the fourth in the western half of the United States, the University of Oklahoma Press describes itself as a “preeminent publisher of books about the West and the American Indian,” with an interest in scholarly disciplines such as archaeology, classical studies, energy studies, natural sciences, political …

Sunita Darnell, May 2014
Data Analysis Alert: A Case Study of What Not to Do »

Sunita Darnell is a social scientist and longtime reader of genre fiction. She reviews and posts about genre fiction at, and reports that she blogs idiosyncratically at and welcomes email at The Author Earnings Excel spreadsheets that Hugh Howey posted earlier this year (see clearly aroused controversy. Less clearly but more …

Judith Appelbaum, April 2014
IBPA Roundtable: Revelations from Readers: Part 3 »

PUBLISHED APRIL 2014 by Judith Appelbaum, Editor, IBPA Independent A Note from the Editor: Today’s abundance—or is it overabundance—of data includes everything from “big data,” through the kinds of data that Linda Carlson reports on in this issue, to “anecdata.” “Big data,” often defined as data that exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems, …

Linda Carlson, April 2014
Where to Get Data You Can Use to Boost Sales »

Where to Get Data You Can Use to Boost Sales  April 2014 by Linda Carlson Accurate data about where your books have sold best and which channels are the best prospects for future sales may seem both difficult and expensive to obtain. Some information, however, is as close as a few clicks on a free …

Tracy R. Atkins, December 2012
Google Analytics from Start to Success »

PUBLISHED DECEMBER 2012 by Tracy R. Atkins A good many independent publishers, and a good many authors who work with them, sing the praises of Google Analytics. But for many others, the very word analytics brings to mind sophisticated technical analysis that you’d need a Ph.D. to understand or utilize. In fact, Google Analytics is simply a …

Jane Friedman, May 2012
Three Numbers for Showing the Power of a Platform »

Authors hear the refrain from publishers—“Build your platform! Build your platform!” But building it is only the beginning. After that, it’s important to know how a platform is performing. Every platform is different (we are all unique individuals), but here are three specific kinds of numbers that can come in handy when evaluating the size, …

Robert C. Brenner, MSEE, MSSM, May 1996
Applied Forecasting »

PUBLISHED MAY 2016 by Robert C. Brenner, President, Brenner Information Group Based on what he had learned about how to forecast future trends, John took action to apply his new skill. He collected subjective and empirical data on the nation, the state, and his local area. He wanted to identify business opportunities. As part of …

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