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Darcy Pattison, August 2015
Publishing Children’s Books: What Two Years Have Taught Me »

PUBLISHED AUGUST 2015 by Darcy Pattinson, Writer My first children’s picture book, The River Dragon, was published in 1990 by HarperCollins, and I’ve been involved in the industry since then. But in the last 24 months, I’ve made the switch from traditional publishing to independent publishing. My company, Mims House, now has 20 titles, and …

Aaron Shepard, May 2015
Pointers on Readings for Kids »

PUBLISHED MAY 2015 by Aaron Shepard, self-publisher Authors of children’s books have many opportunities to read their stories, and children love to hear them. If you can bring your stories to life, you unlock their potential for young listeners—and perhaps the potential of reading in general. You are living proof that reading is not boring. …

Linda Carlson, March 2015
Marketing Whatever You Have to Market, Part 1: Product Opportunities and Issues »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2015 by Linda Carlson, Reporter, IBPA Independent magazine — This is the first in a series of articles under the headline “Marketing Whatever You Have to Market.” Access the full series here. This is the first in a series of articles under the headline “Marketing Whatever You Have to Market” about using the …

Kathleen Boucher, Kristen Eckstein, Jim Musgrave, Lin Pardey, Karen Robbins, Ben Robertson, Anne Sarkisian, November 2014
I Did It and I’m Glad: Publishing Decisions That Turned Out Well, Part 2 »

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2014 SEE ALSO: Part 1, Part 3 Doing It All With A Team Self-publishing Shoe Print Art became one of the highlights of my life. As a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, I began writing part time while raising my family. For 25 years I had written mostly craft articles, a picture …

Linda Carlson, October 2014
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

Blogging That Builds Sales You don’t have to spend money to make money if your DIY efforts are as focused as those of Lloyd Lofthouse of Three Clover Press in Walnut Creek, CA. His carefully documented publicity efforts for My Splendid Concubine point up the value of a blog tied to your book—and the value …

Kevin Gerard, November 2013
How to Succeed With School Visits »

How to Succeed with School Visits November 2013 by Kevin Gerard If you write fiction for children, school visits are an enjoyable and profitable way to promote your books. With a little finesse and a lot of persistence, you can develop rewarding friendships with school librarians close to where you live and—if you dream as I do—maybe …

Linda Carlson, October 2013
13 Million Copies and Counting: The Free Spirit Publishing Story »

13 Million Copies and Counting: The Free Spirit Story October 2013 by Linda Carlson Judy Galbraith insists that she no longer has the energy to work the 60-hour weeks that were common when she was starting Free Spirit Publishing at age 29, but she bubbles with enthusiasm for the company’s new lines, her staff, and even …

Sonja Linsley, July 2013
Profiting by Sharing the Profits: The Higher Ground Press Story »

If you got into publishing to be rich and famous, I suggest you discuss hallucinatory therapy with your doctor. However, if you love people and you want them to buy your books, I want to suggest an idea that works well for Higher Ground Press, LLC. We’ve been in business for eight years. We sell …

Linda Carlson, March 2013
Little Pickle Press: Publishing for 21st-Century Children »

Publishers Weekly titled its recent story about Little Pickle Press “Big Ideas for Young Readers,” and it could as easily have said, “Big Ideas for New Millennium Publishers.” Founder Rana DiOrio is full of ideas about children’s media, and those ideas spill out like water overflowing a fountain. Whether or not you publish children’s books, …

Selling Sidelines, November 2012
Selling Sidelines »

Selling Sidelines November 2012 by Linda Carlson Gifts, games, candy, and other nonbook items, which are important and higher-margin sources of revenue for booksellers, are increasingly important for book publishers too. Some publishers are selling merchandise that ties directly to their titles, with toy versions of children’s book characters the most common product. Others are …

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