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Paul Dixon, February 2017
Where Are the Ethnically Diverse Lead Characters in Children’s Books? »

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2017 by Paul Dixon, Co-founder, Matter of Africa America Time Corp. As each day goes by, the elementary-age youth in the US become more ethnically diverse. Approximately 50 percent of the children under the age of 10 are non-white. One of the challenges in the children’s book market is there are very few …

Nina Amir, August 2016
Virtual Book Tour Essentials »

PUBLISHED AUGUST 2016 by Nina Amir, author The days of book tours are over. It’s becoming less and less common for publishers to spend time and money sending an author from city to city to do signings or to encourage shoppers in physical books stores to purchase a new release. Today, book tours, like everything …

Lynn Rosen, June 2016
Literary All-Stars »

PUBLISHED JUNE 2016 by Lynn Rosen, IBPA Independent contributing editor We all know that the sharing of information and stories across time and space creates a better world … but that doesn’t mean authors, illustrators, and publishers don’t also want to be recognized for hard work done well. Here are some of the biggest awards …

Elizabeth Turnbull, February 2016
Five Ways to Get More from Your Authors »

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2016 by Elizabeth Turnbull, Senior Editor/Partner, Light Messages Publishing — Without the budgets for publicity departments, international marketing campaigns, or large staffs, independent publishers know that we must rely heavily on our authors throughout the publishing process. Yet with authors located across the country, or even around the globe, convincing them to take …

Patricia Fry, May 2013
How to Entice People to Your Presentations »

How to Entice People to Your Presentations May 2013 by Patricia Fry   In a perfect world, once you set up a speaking gig, the host will start advertising the upcoming presentation far and wide. In most cases, however, this is a fantasy. In fact, any publisher or author who hopes to sell more than …

Jane Friedman, March 2013
Rx for a Bright Future: Pay More Attention to Your Authors »

Although authors can now “publish” at the click of a button, it’s not easy to get attention in a world of cognitive surplus. Accordingly, more and more, respect tends to go toward authors who earn the attention of readers, rather than to those who pass muster with the traditional publishing gatekeepers. Most authors—before realizing that …

Laura Pepper Wu, February 2013
Author Websites: Eight Common Missed Opportunities (and What to Do About Them) »

Recently I sent a survey to authors I work with through my book studio. The survey asked if the author has an author Website, why the author has a Website, and what the author uses the site for. The results surprised me. An author’s Website can be a fantastic tool if and when it is …

Gordon Burgett, December 2012
Make Yourself a Bookable Speaker »

Make Yourself a Bookable Speaker December 2012 by Gordon Burgett   Although I have a thriving niche publishing company, I have made a whole lot more money from speaking than from books. I was wobbly-kneed and shaky-voiced as a speaker at first (for a year), but it turned out to be a lot of fun …

MaryAnn F. Kohl, November 2012
Become an Expert to Boost Your Bottom Line »

Board Member’s Memo Become an Expert to Boost Your Bottom Line November 2012 by MaryAnn F. Kohl Are you the publisher and/or the author of a how-to or how-I book? Then you are a premier expert on its subject matter, and sharing your knowledge and experience as an expert will help you reach the people …

Christina Mamangakis, October 2102
Media Training With and Without Hiring a Coach »

Publishers and book publicists do a number of things to help authors prepare for interviews. Sometimes—and especially when national media interviews, like NPR and the morning TV shows, are at stake—they hire media coaches. But sometimes that may not be practical, so it makes sense to help authors do media training on their own. What …

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