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Laura Pepper Wu, February 2013
Author Websites: Eight Common Missed Opportunities (and What to Do About Them) »

Recently I sent a survey to authors I work with through my book studio. The survey asked if the author has an author Website, why the author has a Website, and what the author uses the site for. The results surprised me. An author’s Website can be a fantastic tool if and when it is …

Gordon Burgett, December 2012
Make Yourself a Bookable Speaker »

Make Yourself a Bookable Speaker December 2012 by Gordon Burgett   Although I have a thriving niche publishing company, I have made a whole lot more money from speaking than from books. I was wobbly-kneed and shaky-voiced as a speaker at first (for a year), but it turned out to be a lot of fun …

MaryAnn F. Kohl, November 2012
Become an Expert to Boost Your Bottom Line »

Board Member’s Memo Become an Expert to Boost Your Bottom Line November 2012 by MaryAnn F. Kohl Are you the publisher and/or the author of a how-to or how-I book? Then you are a premier expert on its subject matter, and sharing your knowledge and experience as an expert will help you reach the people …

Christina Mamangakis, October 2102
Media Training With and Without Hiring a Coach »

Publishers and book publicists do a number of things to help authors prepare for interviews. Sometimes—and especially when national media interviews, like NPR and the morning TV shows, are at stake—they hire media coaches. But sometimes that may not be practical, so it makes sense to help authors do media training on their own. What …

Jane Friedman, May 2012
Three Numbers for Showing the Power of a Platform »

Authors hear the refrain from publishers—“Build your platform! Build your platform!” But building it is only the beginning. After that, it’s important to know how a platform is performing. Every platform is different (we are all unique individuals), but here are three specific kinds of numbers that can come in handy when evaluating the size, …

Dana Lynn Smith, October 2011
How to Build an Online Media Room »

How to Build an Online Media Room by Dana Lynn Smith The goal of an online media room is to make it easy for reviewers, journalists, talk show producers, and other influencers to quickly find everything they need to know about you and what you publish. You might actually call it Media Room, or choose …

Shennandoah Diaz, June 2011
Build Your Platform by Guest Blogging »

      Build Your Platform by Guest Blogging by Shennandoah Diaz Guest blogging is one excellent way to drive traffic to your online presence, and ultimately to stimulate book purchases. A guest blogger is someone who writes a post for somebody else’s blog. This can be a one-time deal or a recurring column. Either …

Michael Fertik and David Thompson, February 2011
Protect Your Online Reputation »

For a small business, reputation damage may be a bigger risk than natural disaster or even terrorism. After all, a careful backup plan can avert most problems an earthquake or fire might cause, but damage to a reputation is long-lasting and often permanent, and every customer interaction has the potential to create it. Fortunately, there …

Deltina Hay, January 2011
Tips for Improving Your Online Presence »

Tips for Improving Your Online Presence by Deltina Hay Few of us have the time to do everything the experts recommend when it comes to improving our online presence. Nor do we have the money to pay them to do it for us. Luckily, we can do almost everything ourselves, a little at a time. …

Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press, January 1997
Working with Authors »

In simpler times, authors wrote the books, publishers touched up the spelling and punctuation, designed a suitable package, and published them. Except for literary books, this pattern no longer describes what successful publishers actually do. Instead, an author’s manuscript is usually just a promising beginning for a shaping process that will result in a strong …

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