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Resolve to be Social Media Smart in 2014 »

(BLOG POST) By Terry Doherty — January. Time to renew and refresh. As we pull out the shiny blank calendar, the voice in our head is encouraging us to plan a little better and work a little smarter (not harder). At the same time, we have that urge to learn something new. Is it possible …

Starting a Social Media Conversation »

(BLOG POST) By Terry Doherty — Have you ever stopped to count how many ads you see or hear every day? Would it surprise you if I said at least 200? I didn’t think so. You also know that cutting through all that noise is a monumental task. People are overwhelmed. They’re tuning out. Guess …

To Market to Market… »

(Blog Post) By Terry Doherty, Reading Tub® Learn the logical starting places for identifying and selecting tools to incorporate social media into your marketing strategy. Marketing in a digital age is exhilarating and daunting at the same time. It is enticing to be able to reach your market with a couple of keystrokes … and …

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