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As Competition Wanes, Amazon Cuts Back Discounts »

(NEWS) In a July 4th article published in the New York Times, former IBPA Board Chair, Stephen Mettee, says, “Amazon simply following in the tradition of any large company that gains control of a market.” By David Streitfeld, New York Times Jim Hollock’s first book, a true-crime tale set in Pennsylvania, got strong reviews …

Amazon’s Kindle Lending Library–What Does it Mean For Publishers? IBPA Wants to Know What You Think »

There’s been quite a ruckus in the book publishing world lately. has recently announced its long-anticipated foray into lending e-books.

10 Things to Consider when Pricing E-Books »

One grand thing about e-books is, since there is no printing involved, once edited, designed, typeset, and formatted, the cost of an e-book is zero. Another is that the retail price a publisher sets can vary day to day.

But, with these two advantages, what does a publisher need to be concerned about when pricing an e-book? Vook, the innovative company that melds books with video, has issued a splendid white paper that goes a long way toward answering this question.

Book Pricing: Finding the Sweet Spot »

At Quill Driver Books we put a lot of thought into the pricing of each title we published.
Here is an abbreviated list of things we considered:

Christopher Hitchens–the art of writing and dying »

by Stephen Blake Mettee, Board Chair, IBPA I don’t subscribe to Vanity Fair, but, like with the New Yorker (To which I also don’t subscribe; I quit my subscription as a minor vice on which I both spent too much time and felt guilty for not spending more—the darn thing comes weekly!), whenever I crack …

Will Books Go the Way of Music CDs? »

According to a recent USA Today article, retailers such as Best Buy, Target, Barnes & Noble, and Wal-Mart are cutting back on their CD selections. A Best Buy spokesperson is quoted as saying, “As people buy less, we stock less.” Sounds like a self-fulfilling cycle to this observer, but, sadly, one that isn’t likely to be reversed.

What Does the Google Book Settlement Rejection Mean? »

Federal Judge Denny Chin, after 13 months of pondering, rejected the proposed amended settlement agreement in the Google Books class action lawsuit.

Electric Literature’s Model May Save Short Fiction »

As a choice of material, short stories vie with poetry as the quickest way to drain a publisher’s bank account.
Yet, a year-old publisher of short stories, Electric Literature, may have found the magic formula.
The company’s mission “is to use new media and innovative distribution to return the short story to a place of prominence in popular culture.”

O’Reilly’s Tools of Change Conference »

For those of you who aren’t able to attend but want to keep up with the latest in the ever-changing world of publishing, following are some resources to bring you up-to-speed on what’s happening at the O’Reilly Tools of Change Conference, going on now in New York: Follow IBPA Board Member Steve Mettee’s blog for …

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