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‘Translated Into 20 Languages!’ Self-published Authors Sell Foreign Rights — Just Like the Big Publishers »

(BLOG POST) by Elliott Katz — (This article was originally posted on Huffington Post.) The big traditional publishers often promote their books by highlighting the number of languages the books has been translated into. With the global publishing marketplace easier to access than ever, self-published authors are selling foreign rights to grow their audience around …

A Closer Look at IBPA Member Ryan Neumann, Teacher and Self-Published Author »

(BLOG POST) IBPA Member Ryan Neumann (pictured right) wrote a great article about his self-publishing journey. You can read the full article at Little Pickle Press. “It was probably in the best interest of all that you decided to leave.” In every profession, there’s the good news and the bad news. The critiques and the …

A Closer Look at IBPA Member Barbara J. Genovese, Writer and Master Crayon Maker »

(BLOG POST) By Barbara J. Genovese — It’s been an arduous journey – to retrace the steps of the girl I was in my mother’s house, who, when she created art, was forced to walk it out to the trash. It’s been an odyssey of mythic proportions – to find the missing pieces that lit …

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