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‘Translated Into 20 Languages!’ Self-published Authors Sell Foreign Rights — Just Like the Big Publishers »

(BLOG POST) by Elliott Katz — (This article was originally posted on Huffington Post.) The big traditional publishers often promote their books by highlighting the number of languages the books has been translated into. With the global publishing marketplace easier to access than ever, self-published authors are selling foreign rights to grow their audience around …

Indie Office Hours: Foreign Rights & Frankfurt with Terry Nathan »

(VIDEO) In this episode of IPNE’s Indie Office Hours series, IPNE co-president Charlotte Pierce talks to IBPA COO Terry Nathan about foreign rights and the Frankfurt Book Fair. Terry and IBPA’s Executive Director, Angela Bole, both attended the 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair in order to represent IBPA member titles. You can read about their experience in the IBPA …

Selling Foreign Rights in Our Digital Age »

(BLOG POST) by Thomas Woll — (Originally published in IBPA’s Independent.) Has selling foreign rights changed in today’s digital world? The answer is yes—and no. Some changes have made it easier for publishers to handle foreign rights internally. And some actions have stayed the same, including the steps you need to take to achieve success. …

IBPA at the Frankfurt Book Fair (and some general foreign rights tips) »

By Lisa Krebs, Assistant Director, Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) This year, IBPA (formerly PMA) celebrated its 25th year exhibiting at the Frankfurt Book Fair ! That fact had escaped us until the fair staff visited our booth with a plaque and cake that spelled it out in icing. This was my 10th year at …

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