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Kobo President Michael Tamblyn to Indie Authors: You’re on Amazon’s Hit List »

(NEWS) This article was originally published on Digital Book World. “Kobo President and Chief Content Officer Michael Tamblyn (@mtamblyn) took to Twitter today to explain why, in his view, indie authors won’t be exempt from the tactics Amazon is using against Hachette in order to squeeze more profit from the publisher’s titles. Here’s what Tamblyn calls his “32 …

IBPA Executive Director Angela Bole on Self-Publishing and the Digital Future »

(NEWS) In a May 5th article published on Digital Book World, IBPA Executive Director Angela Bole delves into self-publishing and the digital future By Rich Bellis, Digital Book World Angela Bole assumed her role as executive director of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) in July 2013, moving over from No. 2 in command at …

Soho Press Tops Best-Sellers List, Big Publishers With $1.99 Title »

(NEWS) This article originally published August 20, 2013 on By Jeremy Greenfield, Digital Book World The world of ebooks make it very easy for the little guy to compete with the big boys. In the world of ebooks, having a massive sales force that can reach every bookstore — big and small — doesn’t …

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