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25 Tips for Book Cover Images and Layout »

(Blog Post) Below, IBPA member David Horowitz from Rose Alley Press shares tips on making book cover images and layouts stand out and attract readers. Look for more tips from fellow IBPA members in an upcoming issue of IBPA Independent magazine. As always, IBPA welcomes your feedback in the comments section of this post. Let …

Covers That Connect: Does Your Book Cover Connect With Your Audience? »

(BLOG POST) By Jeniffer Thompson — Have you ever experienced that je ne sais quoi feeling that compels you to pick up a book, flip it over, and buy it? You know that feeling you get when you see a book from across the room and something draws you toward it? A feeling that makes …

10 Non-Negotiable Resolutions for Independent Authors »

Patti Thorn discusses the 10 resolutions you cannot break for the success of your self-published title. IBPA is pleased to welcome Patti Thorn as our guest blogger. Patti will be speaking at IBPA Publishing University 2013 in Chicago April 26-27  – Session 701: Publishing 202: Fifty Shades of Curation: Why Reviews Matter 10 Non-Negotiable Resolutions …

Don’t Trust Mom When It Comes to Book Cover Design »

By Tamara Dever, TLC Graphics A book’s cover and spine have a great deal to do with whether potential buyers investigate further.  A good cover design can be critical to your book’s sales success. This is true even for those not planning to sell in traditional bookstores. Every aspect of creating your book affects your …

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