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Stand Up and Be Counted–Indie Sales Dollars Matter

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Call to Action for All Independent Publishers

by Florrie Kichler, President, IBPA

As a reminder, if you are a publisher with ISBN’s registered to your company, by now you should have received an email from the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) asking you to contribute your annual sales data to the current BookStats project.

The goal of BookStats is to provide accurate data as to the number of dollars generated by the book industry as a whole. This new data product, to be released annually at first, will provide a comprehensive view of book sales reported by revenue, units, categories, formats and distribution channels.

Why should independent publishers care — and why am I encouraging you to participate? Judith Appelbaum, Editor of the IBPA Independent and BISG board chair of its Publication Committee, said it best in the April edition of the IBPA Independent:

“If the forthcoming BookStats sales figures accurately show independent publishers’ sales, all sorts of good things might happen:

• Everyone might know how big the industry actually is.
• The giant houses might come to understand that they’re not as dominant as they (and everybody else) thought they were.
• The media might get that message too and focus more on what independent publishers are doing.
• Successful writers might be more attracted to small houses.
• The full array of routes to readers might get the kind of attention that would help publishers of all sizes reach more customers going forward”

And perhaps the most important “good thing” of all — hard data that show the economic impact of the independent publishing community will give IBPA more clout when representing publishers’ interests and advocating for your rights in the industry-and beyond.

Help yourself, your fellow independent publishers and your industry — follow the links in the email you received from BookStats to report your revenues or fill out the survey online at www.BookStats.org before April 15. In exchange for your participation you will get access at no charge to the final data once it is published.

Fill out the survey today at www.BookStats.org. You can choose the short or longer version and have until April 15 to do so. Simply click on the button “Click Here to Submit.”

We all know indie publishers rock — now let’s put our “money” (revenue data) where our mouth is.


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