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Linda Carlson, October 2012
The Language of Publishing: D, E, F »

The Language of Publishing   October 2012 by Linda Carlson   This is installment #2 of the Independent’s series on the language of publishing, which began in September. Designed both for old-timers adjusting to the demands of digital publishing and for newcomers mystified by what Joel Friedlander calls the mumbo-jumbo you need to understand when speaking …

Linda Carlson, September 2012
The Language of Publishing: A, B, C »

The Language of Publishing September 2012 by Linda Carlson   In a post on, where Joel Friedlander offers “Practical Advice to Help Self-Publishers Build Better Books,” he describes what things were like in publishing and printing “back in the bad old days,” when “everyone was a specialist.” As he notes, “If you wanted to …

Linda Carlson, August 2012
What Giveaways Might Do for You »

  What Giveaways Might Do for You August 2012 by Linda Carlson   At first glance, today’s giveaways may not seem to be anything new. For quite some time, publishers have promoted books by offering free samples or a gift with purchase, or by giving books—or parts of them—away. Other free offerings have included author …

Linda Carlson, July 2012
Flash Sales: Exploring Short-Term Big-Discount Options »

Flash Sales: Exploring Short-Term Big-Discount Options July 2012 by Linda Carlson   The bricks-and-mortar one-day sale with limited inventory and deep discounts now has a popular online version, the flash sale. Although flash sales have much in common with the sample sales, closeouts, and one-day specials that retailers have offered for decades, everything about them …

Aaron Shepard, June 2012
Why Don’t Those Sales Figures Match? »

It’s common for new publishers who use Lightning Source to hang on their computers trying to correlate sales at Amazon—as reflected by jumps in sales rank—to Lightning sales. When they see no correlations, they may conclude that Lightning’s reporting is faulty or even dishonest. So let me state in the strongest terms that italics can …

Linda Carlson, May 2012
Who Does Best with the Espresso Book Machine »

Two years ago, publishers of all sizes were enthusiastic about the potential of the Espresso Book Machine then being introduced. Today it’s the booksellers who are excited about the potential of this print-on-demand equipment—and the booksellers who are seeing profits. (For the view from March 2010, see “Books Delivered While You Wait: A Close Look …

Linda Carlson, May 2012
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

  Several IBPA members were cited in a Publishers Weekly Small Press Spotlight story that ran in March called “Catching the Digital Wave.” The story describes how sales of e-books boosted revenue for several smaller publishing companies, including Red Wheel Weiser Conari, where e-book sales increased 160 percent in 2011, and Berrett-Koehler Publishers, where they …

IBPA Roundtable, May 2012
IBPA Roundtable: With E-books, It’s Not Either/Or »

    Are e-book sales eating into p-book sales? Are they making people hungrier for books in physical form? With e-books in the product mix, are overall revenues rising? The reports from IBPA members that follow, and the ones that appeared last month in “E-books’ Effects on Print Book Sales,” indicate that the answer to …

IBPA Roundtable, April 2012
E-books’ Effects on Print Book Sales, Part 1 »

      An IBPA Roundtable E-books’ Effects on Print Book Sales, Part 1 This periodical has been covering e-books for at least 11 years and 10 months. I’m sure about that because the June 2000 issue surfaced when I was reorganizing files the other day, and that issue includes an article by Pat Bell …

Linda Carlson, March 2012
What to Do About Reviews (and Other Media Coverage) »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2012 by Linda Carlson, Staff Reporter, IBPA Independent Book reviews and author interviews have traditionally been goals of a book launch, and with a good publicity campaign, publishers expected at least a little media exposure—the author’s hometown paper and the appropriate industry and alumni publications at a minimum. For a niche title filling …

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