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Randall Williams, August 2005
Up POD Creek Without a Paddle »

I just read another disturbing report on the explosive growth of new books published every year in the United States, and my conscience will no longer let me keep silent.   It’s my fault.   For many years it has been apparent to literary publishers that we are a nation of 50 million poets but …

W. Paul Coates, December 2004
Kill POD »

I’m looking for an army of conspiratorial publishers to kill the term POD, aka Print On Demand–an army of elite troops who are not afraid of attacking popular terms that have been mangled and stretched to the point of no meaning. If my troops don’t show up, I’ll go it alone. Something’s got to be …

Roberta Kalechofsky, April 2004
Idea File:POD Plusses »

Print on demand allows small publishing companies like ours great flexibility. We publish two or three books a year, often by new writers whose selling strength we cannot know in advance. We also often publish literary fiction or books on subjects with limited appeal. With print-on-demand technology, we can print a minimum number of copies of …

Morris Rosenthal, July 2003
A POD Case History:
The Nitty-Gritty of Costs and Sales Channels »

I recently signed up with Lightning Source for my first POD book, Start Your Own Computer Business. It’s a short book, only 168 pages, and each copy costs me $3.42 as a short run (one or more copies, shipped to the publisher) or $3.09 as sold into distribution (to Amazon or Ingram). While a copy …

Judith Applebaum, December 2001
POD Q & A »

Q: That was a most informative article on Print on Demand in the September PMA Newsletter. Thanks. Although a number of the books we have packaged or published have been printed by POD, including several by Lightning Source, we, too, have been concerned about the disconnect between Ingram and its subsidiary when it comes to …

Hannah Gordon, Deborah Herman, and Lindy Ryan., January/February 2022
Working With Ghostwriters 101 »

PUBLISHED JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2022 by Hannah Gordon, Deborah Herman, and Lindy Ryan— How an author, publisher, and a ghostwriter can collaborate so true success can happen. There is a sense that writing as a career is a glamorous pursuit. There is also a misconception that all writers can make a living doing it full time. There …

Erin Wright, January/February 2022
The Book Publishing Pyramid »

PUBLISHED JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2022 Erin Wright, USA Today bestselling author — Instead of trying to do everything all at once, authors and indie publishers should use a leveling-up approach to focus their efforts. Article Synopsis: Focus on e-books in the beginning of your publishing journey, as they will provide the most stability and income. Diversify your …

Deb Vanasse, January/February 2022
Broken Links: Supply Chain Challenges »

PUBLISHED JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2022 by Deb Vanasse, Reporter, IBPA Independent magazine — Publishers are facing offset print run delays, lengthy turnaround times for print-on-demand orders, cost increases, and other obstacles—but they are drawing on their characteristic agility and ingenuity to survive. Article Synopsis: COVID-19 was a catalyst for the current supply chain issues, but the origins …

Victoria Sutherland, November/December 2021
Board Member’s Memo: Innovation Is an Entrepreneur’s Middle Name »

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2021 by Victoria Sutherland, Founder & Publisher, Foreword Reviews magazine — Below are some suggestions for keeping your team positively flowing with change. Change is inevitable. Over the last couple of years, facing a pandemic, ongoing national social justice traumas, and escalating global environmental catastrophes, most of us made some adjustments to our …

Desireé Duffy, November/December 2021
Tapping Into #BookTok: A Case Study, Part I »

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2021 by Desireé Duffy, Founder, Black Château — In the first installment of this two-part series on the TikTok community #BookTok, the founder of a marketing and PR agency discusses the launch of a focused campaign on the social media platform. Article Synopsis: Understanding the platform, the audience, the impact, the nuances of …

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