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Independent Publishers (and More!): A Special Podcast »

(PODCAST) Download Podcast (8 minutes) — As the newly-appointed executive director for the Independent Book Publishers Association, Angela Bole sees an opportunity to grow the organization in the midst of dramatic change across the industry. “Recently, IBPA has really embraced the self-published author,” Bole, photo right, said. “It means a broadening of our potential membership.” …

Lin Pardey, Shel Horowitz, Dawei Dong, Sheri McGuinn, Dick Margulis, Jim Pennypacker, Gordon Burgett, Linda Watson , October 2013
What POD Can Do: Part 2 »

What POD Can Do, Part 2 October 2013 “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean,” Humpty Dumpty told Alice in Wonderland. As you’ve probably noticed, we take pretty much the same position about “POD” here in our world. Sometimes, of course, we use it to mean what its …

Robert Rosenwald, Mary Shafer, Rod Colvin, Shannon Okey, Dan Poynter, Eugene G. Schwartz, Matt Conmy, Marcia Breece, Devorah Fox, Corinne Kantor, Susan Wittig Albert, Peter Goodman, Mary Nickum, September 2013
What POD Can Do: Part 1 »

What POD Can Do, Part 1 Print-on-demand technology is a major driver of success for independent publishers. That conclusion stems from reports by IBPA members which also show that both relatively large, long-established publishers and brand-new, one-book publishers profit by using POD. And they show that independent publishers pioneered with POD, just as they pioneered …

Aaron Shepard, September 2013
The Stigma of POD »

The Stigma of POD: September 2013 by Aaron Shepard Nowadays, there’s an odd belief circulating that self-publishing a book as print-on-demand will keep it out of bookstores. Actually, the opposite is true. Let’s follow Susan Self-Publisher as she visits her local Barnes & Noble, book held proudly in hand. Her mission is to convince Michael …

Gail Z. Martin, October 2010
What Podcasting Can Do for You »

      What Podcasting Can Do for You by Gail Z. Martin Think the radio serial is dead? Think again. One benefit of podcasting—the creation of Web audio in an MP3 format suitable for listening to on an iPod or other device—is that it can give the serialized story new life as it helps …

MaAnna Stephenson, May 2010
Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Podcast »

      Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Podcast by MaAnna Stephenson It’s common knowledge now that podcasting is a great way to build an author’s status as an expert and make a book’s message available to a wide audience via popular sites like iTunes. Most often, podcast files are in an MP3 format, which …

Linda Carlson, December 2009
Podcasts: The What, the Why, and the How »

      Podcasts: The What, the Why, and the How by Linda Carlson For the IBPA members who got into publishing because they loved speaking or broadcasting, podcasts are a natural extension of marketing efforts. Using them is fairly easy for those who understand such geek-speak as RSS and Zune. For the rest of …

Kathleen A. Welton, July 2008
How to Produce Powerful Podcasts »

      How to Produce Powerful Podcasts by Kathleen A. Welton Podcasts give you a fairly easy and inexpensive way to market your books. Without much research or technical expertise, you can use them to expose your content in new and exciting ways to a large audience. Exactly what is a podcast? Wikipedia says: …

Robert Goodman, November 2006
Digital Printing: What It Is, What It’s For, and Why It Isn’t Just “POD’” »

    Digital Printing: What It Is, What It’s For, and Why It Isn’t Just “POD’”   by Robert Goodman   A few people still remember when offset printing revolutionized book production. Offset was easy and fast; it produced high-quality printing; it could be interlaced with new prepress technologies; and it was considerably less expensive …

Peter Bowerman, October 2006
Pseudo Self-Publishing: The Unvarnished Truth about POD Companies »

Pseudo Self-Publishing: The Unvarnished Truth about POD Companies by Peter Bowerman In a recent year, Xlibris —number three among firms that have appropriated the term POD (print on demand) to describe their services —reported publishing more than 7,000 titles and selling more than 300,000 copies. I remember a much-heralded celebration they had that same year …

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