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Jodee Blanco, May/June 2020
Tips for Remote Author Appearances and Virtual Book Signings »

PUBLISHED MAY/JUNE 2020 by Jodee Blanco, Founder & CEO, Jodee Blanco Group — How authors can use digital platforms to reach their audience remotely. It feels weird doing online now what we would normally do in person every day. Giving an author talk and knocking it out of the park is challenging enough face to …

Jodee Blanco, May/June 2019
Professional Speaking: A Lucrative Game-Changer »

PUBLISHED MAY/JUNE 2019 by Jodee Blanco, Founder & CEO, Jodee Blanco Group — Speaking is something anyone can do, costs little to nothing to initiate, and has substantial rewards. And I’m not just talking about the income from speaker’s fees, which can be significant, but also what those engagements can mean for your presence, brand, …

Jodee Blanco, January 2005
The Secret Art of Media Research »

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2005 by Jodee Blanco, Founder & CEO, Jodee Blanco Group — You’re armed and ready with a fabulous press kit jam-packed with provocative angles, newsworthy hooks, and great story ideas. You’re chomping at the bit to begin pitching media, to get as much exposure for your book as possible. Where do you go …

Jodee Blanco, November 2004
Publicity Building Blocks: Create the Best Campaign for Each Book »

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2004 by Jodee Blanco, Founder & CEO, Jodee Blanco Group — Did you ever play with blocks when you were a kid? You always used the same set, but you mixed and matched the pieces differently every time you built something. Constructing a publicity campaign directed to consumers is similar. There are four …

Jodee Blanco, October 2004
Side-Dooring: The Best Way to Publicize Fiction »

PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2004 by Jodee Blanco, Founder & CEO, Jodee Blanco Group — I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard colleagues say, “You can’t publicize fiction.” Let me state here and now: fiction can be just as newsworthy as nonfiction. The only limits are the boundaries of the imagination conceiving the campaign. I …

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