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Resolutions for an Indie Publisher

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by Don Stevens, Merge Publishing —

As we embark on a new year with promises of health and diet, there are a few resolutions for an indie publisher to keep that may help in the coming year.

Stay Connected with Readers

reading_2682818bDo you know what your readers want? Wait a second, do you know what your readers want now? Nothing is more deadly than staying the same and publishing what people expect, day in, day out. Now I’m not saying just to publish anything or only publish trends—but you can stay in your genre and go out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it may mean taking a different approach, reaching a new market, or publishing something your readers don’t expect but will enjoy nonetheless.

Become a Networking and PR Pro

Indie publishers need to wear many hats. Sometimes we are the beta reader, editor, cover design artist, etc. In these roles we forget to include the role of public relations. Reach out to bloggers, traditional media, and people of influence to pitch your work. What else can you do to help your writers in marketing? Whether it’s creating a slideshow, a media kit, or press release, be prepared to deliver what the media needs. Just because you’re a small publisher doesn’t mean you have to look like one.

Keep Learning

Know of what’s going on in the publishing world. Know your industry by reading, going to conferences, book fairs, and other literary events. Read trade publications and news articles to stay informed. The world of publishing is constantly changing and information is easily accessible.

Keep in Touch

keep in touchWith writers, editors, and other members of your team. Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to stay in touch with the people that help keep our dream alive. Everyone wants to feel important and appreciated so keep in touch. This is easier than we think with social media. Yesterday it was phone, then email and messaging, and now Instagram and Snapchat.

Stay Up to Date with Technology

Technology has revolutionized the publishing world with POD and software such as InDesign. There are more reading devices than ever. Technology is ever changing and you have to be adaptable. Clients and readers expect that you are using or are at least knowledgeable of the latest gadgets.

Finally, stay afloat and follow your dream. Plans may run off course and your business model may change due to consumer’s needs and wants, but you have to be adaptable and position yourself to accept change. Knowing this will help you stay focused and ready for a fantastic year in publishing.

About the Author

Don Stevens, Merge Publishing

Don Stevens, Merge Publishing

Don Stevens is an experienced writer, marketer, and blogger as well as the President of Merge Publishing and Finger Lakes Copywriting

Don has helped authors reach their potential in the publishing business with Merge and help build their author website platform and press kit with Finger Lakes Copywriting. His experience with PR and marketing offers writers a chance to grow their audience. 

Don currently resides in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York, where he also reviews food and wine and is the author of the Finger Lakes Wine mysteries (coming 2015). Merge Publishing is currently seeking submissions for quality fiction in Mystery/Thriller, New Adult, and Romantic Suspense.

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