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Curt Matthews, September 2010
More Can Be Less: A No Vote on Enhanced E-books »

      BOARD MEMBER’S CORNER More Can Be Less: A No Vote on Enhanced E-books by Curt Matthews My information technology–savvy sons, and the geek community in general, love to get a rise out of me by suggesting that a rectangle of text on a page or on an e-reader is a dead fish, …

Dawn Carrington, September 2010
Testing Book Trailers, Part 2 »

      Testing Book Trailers, Part 2 by Dawn Carrington If you decided to follow the advice on testing a book trailer that I offered last month, you may be eager by now to track your video’s effects on sales. You can begin to trace sales to a video when it’s been in circulation …

Dominique Raccah, September 2010
Keeping Up with the Changing Digital World »

      Keeping Up with the Changing Digital World by Dominique Raccah Because the pace of change in the book business is fast enough to make our heads spin, it’s great to have resources that provide a continuing flow of information about digital developments. Here’s a list of my favorites. 1. Twitter/Twitter lists. Twitter …

AN IBPA ROUNDTABLE , September 2010
Stimulating Sales, Part 2 »

      AN IBPA ROUNDTABLE Stimulating Sales, Part 2 IBPA members devise lots of different ways to stimulate sales, as Part 1 of this series showed last month and as the reports below show too. But there’s more. Responses also show that doing any one thing isn’t generally enough. Doing a suite of things …

Marion Gropen, September 2010
Building a Better Budget, Part 4: Taming All Those Numbers »

      SKILL SETS: BUDGETING Building a Better Budget, Part 4: Taming All Those Numbers by Marion Gropen So far in this series on how to build a budget from the ground up, we’ve explored “The Process and the Plan,” “Forecasting Sales,” and “Forecasting Expenses.” Along the way, we’ve accumulated a large and intimidating …

Carol White, September 2010
Anatomy of a Media Release »

      Anatomy of a Media Release by Carol White One of the most basic parts of your marketing plan is your media plan. How are you going to let people know about your book so that they can find it and buy it? The answer to this question certainly includes notifying the media, …

Florrie Binford Kichler, September 2010
PRESIDENT’S POST Four Success Factors—Two Publishers »

      PRESIDENT’S POST by Florrie Binford Kichler PRESIDENT, IBPA Four Success Factors—Two Publishers 1,052,803 That’s the total number of books published in 2009, according to Bowker’s records, which also show that 764,448 of them were published by self- and micro-publishers. As a new publisher, how do you make your title stand out (and …

Linda Carlson, September 2010
Chunking, and Other New Ways to Get More from What You’ve Got: Part 1, Repackaging »

      Chunking, and Other New Ways to Get More from What You’ve Got: Part 1, Repackaging by Linda Carlson Publish once, sell twice. Or three times, or four. That’s what a few independent publishers are doing, often with parts of books, and what many more are considering. Especially now, as you launch new …

Linda Carlson, August 2010
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

      MEMBERS IN THE SPOTLIGHT MAKING WAVESIN WASHINGTON How many of us have our efforts recognized by Congress? Leon Cooper, of 90 Day Wonder Publishing, is, at age 90, celebrating authorization of federal funds to restore the South Pacific beach where many Americans remain interred after a significant World War II battle in …

Lori Dicker, August 2010
Do You Need a Social Media Makeover? »

      Do You Need a Social Media Makeover? by Lori Dicker Among the more than 3 million businesses creating Facebook pages and groups—not to mention millions of special-interest and community-driven blogs, up to 70 percent of which blog about brands—many have failed to leverage social spaces to drive awareness and engagement among their …

Dana Lynn Smith, August 2010
How to Sell Books to Gift Shops and Specialty Retailers »

      How to Sell Books to Gift Shops and Specialty Retailers by Dana Lynn Smith In addition to bookstores, potential retail markets for books include small independently owned gift and specialty shops, national and regional chain stores, and specialty online stores. One advantage of selling books through gift and specialty stores is that …

Dawn Carrington, August 2010
Testing Book Trailers »

      Testing Book Trailers by Dawn Carrington By now, we all know that book trailers, book peeks, or whatever you want to call video teasers about a book are supposed to act much like movie trailers. The idea is that they help people decide what they want to read, spark their interest in …

Carol Kinsey Goman, August 2010
Rx for Silo Mentality »

      Rx for Silo Mentality by Carol Kinsey Goman Organizations around the world realize that silo mentality and knowledge-hoarding behaviors are wasting the kind of collective brainpower that could save them billions. Or lead to the discovery of a revolutionary new process or product. Or, in the current economic climate, help keep their …

Penny Sansevieri, August 2010
The Lowdown on Finding—and Using—Keywords »

      The Lowdown on Finding—and Using—Keywords by Penny Sansevieri According to a recent survey by Hitwise, search queries on all major search engines are getting longer and longer. Searches using five keywords are up 6 percent; searches using eight or more keywords have risen an astonishing 22 percent; and one- and two-keyword searches …

Linda Carlson, August 2010
To Pick the Best Titles »

      To Pick the Best Titles by Linda Carlson Titling a book can be tough. The task is complicated partly because you usually need to target several markets: readers who have already shown interest in the author or the topic by buying a book from you or otherwise, as well as readers new …

Joseph J. Esposito, August 2010
Five-minute Fiction, and Other Ways to Mine New Markets »

      Five-minute Fiction, and Other Ways to Mine New Markets by Joseph J. Esposito To grow, publishers must either battle other publishers over market share or identify and serve new markets. Digital media are useful to publishers only insofar as they serve one of these aims. (A separate matter is using digital media …

Stimulating Sales »

      AN IBPA ROUNDTABLE Stimulating Sales The list of things you can do to spur sales of a book might stretch from here to the moon, and possibly back again. But which moves will work best? Answers from IBPA members appear below, and more will be coming your way in future issues of …

Florrie Binford Kichler, August 2010
PRESIDENT’S POST Five Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd »

      PRESIDENT’S POST by Florrie Binford Kichler PRESIDENT, IBPA Five Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd Advice on how to succeed in publishing swirls around us. Our very own Independent features experts in the business communicating on a huge variety of topics, all designed to help you run your publishing company better …

Steve Gillen, August 2010
Contract Updates for the E-Book Era »

Steve Gillen (photo right) is a partner in the intellectual property firm of Wood, Herron & Evans L.L.P. and has focused his practice on publishing and media matters for 30 years. To reach him, email sgillen@whepatent.com or call 513-241-2324. Electronic rights and corresponding royalty rates have been the subject of much passionate discussion on both …

Lee Foster, August 2010
Marketing Book Content Profitably as an App »

    This screen from an entry in my San Francisco app product differs from a page in the book in several ways. The viewer can click into a cluster of photos; the map opens up as GPS-enabled, showing where the viewer is and where other things are that the viewer might want to see; …

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