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Melissa M. Williams, December 2011
How to Have a Successful Bookstore Event »

With the right plan and marketing, you can almost guarantee a sell-out bookstore event. As an author and a publisher of children’s chapter books, I’ve always made my goals selling lots of copies and, more important, selling out, for one major reason: I never want books returned to my publishing house. Returns expenses eat into, …

Linda Carlson, December 2011
Writer Becomes Publisher, Stays Writer: The Bick House Back Story »

      BUILDING THE BUSINESS Writer Becomes Publisher, Stays Writer: The Bick House Back Story by Linda Carlson   Dale Bick Carlson, whose decision to become a publisher stemmed from her passion for helping teenagers for and young adults make responsible decisions. Few of us are talented and lucky enough to have a book …

Linda Carlson, November 2011
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

SPOTLIGHT . A TALEOF PRODUCTIVE TENACITY   The importance of taking the initiative, responding to interview requests, and following up with the media, especially after relevant events at home or abroad, is well illustrated by a string of events reported by Amelia Frahm, executive director of Nutcracker Publishing in Apex, NC. A couple of summers …

Christopher Robbins, November 2011
Action Items Fueled by BookStats »

      Action Items Fueled by BookStats by Christopher Robbins When I received the BookStats 2011 report this fall, I was very interested in seeing what it had to say and what I might learn to help me more successfully navigate a dramatically changed publishing landscape. As many publishers know, BookStats is the first …

Joel Friedlander, November 2011
Redesigning Book Covers »

      Redesigning Book Covers by Joel Friedlander A regular part of the book-design business is redesigning covers for books that have already been published. This happens more often than you might think, because there are a lot of reasons a publisher might decide to put a new cover on a book. For instance: …

Deltina Hay, November 2011
How to Measure Success with Your Social Media Efforts »

How to Measure Success with Your Social Media Efforts November 2011 Deltina Hay   Once you’ve been using social media tools for a while, it makes sense to start measuring what is working and what is not. Though there is no single established framework for measuring social media success, there are some tactics you can …

Stacey J. Miller, November 2011
Why Authors Hate Social Networking, and How to Get Them to Promote Books Online Anyway »

Publishers, faced with shrinking book promotion budgets, are more excited than ever about telling authors to promote their own books online. And by online book promotion, publishers often mean social networking. The reason publishers are particularly excited about online book promotion is that they think they don’t have to get involved in it. They can …

Peter Bowerman, November 2011
What’s an Amazon Five-Star Review Worth? Pervasive Fraud Devalues Praise, Tars Honest and Dishonest Authors with the Same “Cheater” Brush »

      What’s an Amazon Five-Star Review Worth? Pervasive Fraud Devalues Praise, Tars Honest and Dishonest Authors with the Same “Cheater” Brush by Peter Bowerman I attended college at the University of Virginia, one of a relatively small group of schools (including all the military academies) with an honor code, and one of the …

Stephanie Stewart, November 2011
Make the Most of the IBPA Library Mailing Programs »

Last fall we were looking for a way to promote eight of our titles to collection development librarians. The books were middle grade and young adult novels, middle grade nonfiction, and picture books. Our budget for this campaign was limited so we had to get creative. Sound familiar? More and more publishers are looking at …

Linda Carlson, November 2011
Book Clubs, Part 1: The Benefits »

(See also: Part 2 and Part 3) Want to increase the buzz about a book? Want to get people talking, blogging, and hand-selling it? Two words: book clubs, those groups of friends and neighbors who sit down together every month or so to discuss a title they’ve all agreed to read. Even better, book clubs …

Mark Bide, November 2011
Our Standards for E-Commerce, Part 1: Why Some Don’t Work As Well As They Might, and What’s to Be Done About That »

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2011 by Mark Bide, Executive Director, EDItEUR — With varying degrees of success, publishers of all types, alongside the music and movie industries, TV, and games—all the different sectors of what are often called the “copyright industries”—are adjusting …

E-book Reality Show (and Tell), Part 2 »

      AN IBPA ROUNDTABLE E-book Reality Show (and Tell), Part 2 As publishers create more and more e-books, they learn more and more about ways to experiment with digital products, and about profiting by using e-books—broadly defined—either along with or instead of the various print-on-paper formats that still account for most book business …

Roy M. Carlisle, November 2011
Saving Libraries: A Practical Proposal »

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2011 by Roy M. Carlisle, Acquisitions Director, Independent Institute — My memory is vivid. I was peddling my old bicycle down State Street in Salem, OR. My basket was full of books, and they were due that day. My mother couldn’t drive me downtown to return the books because Dad took the car …

Ed Weinsberg, November 2011
What I Did to Get Great Endorsements »

      What I Did to Get Great Endorsements by Ed Weinsberg I knew I wanted endorsements from high-profile individuals for Conquer Prostate Cancer: How Medicine, Faith, Love and Sex Can Renew Your Life, which I wrote with Dr. Robert Carey. And I knew I wanted those high-profile individuals to include doctors and bestselling …

Steve Gillen, November 2011
Reversion in the Digital Age: Is Out-of-Print Out of Style? »

Because not every book is a success and not every successful book has an indefinite shelf life, the publishing contract has evolved to anticipate and incorporate an exit strategy for that day when the publisher decides that revenue from expected sales will no longer justify the cost of continuing to carry the work. Once a …

Florrie Binford Kichler, November 2011
A New Look and a New Location: Continuity Meets Change »

      PRESIDENT’S POST by Florrie Binford Kichler PRESIDENT, IBPA A New Look and a New Location: Continuity Meets Change To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.—Winston Churchill If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Leave well enough alone. Prime Minister Churchill would have recoiled in horror at either …

Linda Carlson , October 2011
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

SPOTLIGHT HIGHLY VISIBLEVIA B&N Go to barnesandnoble.com, select “Kids” from the menu on the left, and the pop-up list shows “Expert Circle” on the far right. One more click and you’ll see 16 early childhood professionals introduced with, “Want to encourage your child’s love of reading? Need help potty training? Want parenting tips on starting …

Joseph J. Esposito, October 2011
Born Digital vs. Born Again »

      Born Digital vs. Born Again by Joseph J. Esposito While one would be hard-pressed to find any publisher who does not view digital media as a central strategic concern, we have reached a critical point in the evolution of publishing: henceforth, no one who starts a new publishing company is likely to …

Linda Carlson, October 2011
Best Advice: A Roundup of Words of Wisdom »

As you launch your fall titles and begin planning for 2012, several IBPA members offer suggestions that may help you produce better quality books, higher sales, and more impressive profits. When asked for the best advice they’d ever received, publishers offered lots of tips. Some apply specifically to publishing; some to interactions with customers, staff, …

Marcella Smith, October 2011
Managing Metadata in Today’s Marketplace »

      Managing Metadata in Today’s Marketplace by Marcella Smith For readers, this is a wonderful time. Now that the consumer’s choice is no longer limited by the physical constraints of one particular format, it is possible to walk down the street reading a book, a magazine, or a newspaper on a telephone or …

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