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Brian Jud, March 2012
Marketing Plans for First Books »

      Marketing Plans for First Books by Brian Jud “You need a marketing plan.” Experienced publishers regularly give first-timers that sound advice. But if you are a first-timer, you are probably intimidated by the idea of doing a conventional, platform-based marketing plan, with its mission statement, executive summary, market analysis, goals, strategies, and …

Joel Friedlander, March 2012
Book Blog Design »

      Blog Design by Joel Friedlander Starting a blog is pretty easy. You just need to learn the basic elements (see “Blog Infrastructure,” February), set up an account with blogger.com or WordPress.com or a hosting account of your own, and acquire a snazzy domain name with at least one of your keywords in …

Linda Nix, March 2012
EPUB: The Basics of the Book Industry Standard for the Digital Era »

      EPUB: The Basics of the Book Industry Standard for the Digital Era by Linda Nix You may know that EPUB is a format for digital books. You may also know that it is an XML format that has been defined by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) (idpf.org), which is the international …

Lee Foster, March 2012
A Web Site Built to Make Money »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2012 by Lee Foster, Author, An Author’s Perspective on Independent Publishing — Because I consider my Web site an essential tool both for connecting with readers of my travel books and for increasing my earnings, I devote substantial ongoing attention to it. Paying attention has led me to some conclusions that may help …

Linda Carlson, March 2012
What to Do About Reviews (and Other Media Coverage) »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2012 by Linda Carlson, Staff Reporter, IBPA Independent Book reviews and author interviews have traditionally been goals of a book launch, and with a good publicity campaign, publishers expected at least a little media exposure—the author’s hometown paper and the appropriate industry and alumni publications at a minimum. For a niche title filling …

Florrie Binford Kichler, March 2012
President’s Post:
If You’re Going to San Francisco: An Unofficial Guide to Publishing University »

You’ve made the best decision of your publishing career and registered for IBPA Publishing University. Your travel plans are set; hotel reservations are made, and the suitcase is out of the closet, ready for packing. You’ve committed the IBPA Publishing University schedule to memory and know exactly which sessions you plan to attend. Now all …

Florrie Binford Kichler, February 2012
President’s Post: IBPA FAQ — Part 1 »

PRESIDENT’S POST by Florrie Binford Kichler PRESIDENT, IBPA IBPA FAQ, Part 1 What’s the difference between a wholesaler and a distributor? How do I convert my traditional book to an e-book? How do I keep people from copying my e-book without permission? Crucial questions for those of you new to publishing—and just a few of …

Linda Carlson, February 2012
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

      SPOTLIGHT MAKING THE BEST BOOKS LISTS As we settle into 2012, hard at work to make our recent and upcoming releases financially successful and critically acclaimed, several smaller publishers are still basking in the recognition from year-end roundups of “best” books. The New York Times“notable books” lists for 2011 includes several titles …

Carol Kinsey Goman, February 2012
Body Language for Negotiations »

      Body Language for Negotiations by Carol Kinsey Goman In any business encounter (from high-stakes negotiation to everyday bargaining situations), you are communicating over two channels—verbal and nonverbal—so that two distinct conversations are going on at the same time. While a well-designed bargaining strategy is obviously important, it doesn’t determine the most important …

Angela Bole, February 2012
How to Identify E-books »

      How to Identify E-books by Angela Bole To easily enable movement of your books through the supply chain, you’ve relied for decades on the ISBN, assigning a different one to each edition of a title you publish and knowing that each of your licensees will assign a unique ISBN to each of …

Janice Schnell, February 2012
Fresh Eyes on Wholesaler/Distributor Options »

When working on a project or presentation, I sometimes find that I need someone from outside the project circle to have a look and give feedback. Often, the fresh pair of eyes can make the difference between sending out something full of unintelligible internal acronyms and sending out an organized, informative document. I thought about …

Mike Shatzkin and Joseph J. Esposito, February 2012
Keeping an Eye on Amazon: Amazon as a Disruptive Force / Amazon’s Dominance and DRM »

“I’m usually the one wearing the target on my chest.” The speaker was an Amazon executive. The setting was a meeting of publishers and booksellers confronting troublesome issues. The time was some years ago. But it’s easy to imagine the same scene playing out today as people throughout the book business express anger at Amazon …

Linda Nix, February 2012
Proofing Books in the Digital Age »

    To get a quick handle on how text display differs on different devices, compare and contrast these seven screen shots. Each “page” is affected by font size and by the pixel dimensions of a particular device. Proofing Books in the Digital Age by Linda Nix The process of proofing a book for publication …

Linda Carlson, February 2012
What’s Happening with Romance »

    Deb Werksman What’s Happening with Romance by Linda Carlson Swashbuckling young hunks ravishing glamorous virgins, embossed covers and titles in gilded script. If that’s your perception of romance novels, look again. The genre has changed. Yes, paperback racks still display bodice-rippers as well as the demure love stories that climax (so to speak) …

Janet Perez Eckles, February 2012
Watching It Climb: How Simply Salsa Got to #1 »

      Watching It Climb: How Simply Salsa Got to #1 by Janet Perez Eckles   The road is rough when you can’t see. The journey is intimidating when it’s the first time. And the tasks can be overwhelming when time is limited. All the above were true in my case. But on my …

Matthew B. Lake, February 2012
Choosing a Legal Entity for Your Business: The Pros and Cons of S Corps and LLCs »

A publisher—small, medium, or large—should operate as a legal business entity for countless reasons. The most basic goal is limiting the owner’s liability for business operations to the owner’s investment in the business. After all, no one goes into business with the intent to put their house, car, and children’s college savings at risk. Some …

Barbara Techel, February 2012
Selling Books in Schools with Skype »

    The author and subject of Frankie, the Walk ’n Roll Dog on a Skype visit with fourth-graders at a school in New York. Selling Books in Schools with Skype by Barbara Techel Skype is showing real promise for connecting schools and authors. It’s no secret that school budgets are being squeezed tighter each …

Steven Piersanti, February 2012
The First Book on Occupy Wall Street: Four Weeks from Idea to Publication; Two More to Thousands of Sales »

    Fran Korten of YES! Magazine, a prime mover in the project, with demonstrators at New York’s Zuccotti Park. The First Book on Occupy Wall Street: Four Weeks from Idea to Publication; Two More to Thousands of Sales by Steven Piersanti How is it possible to publish a book in only four weeks from …

Jonathan Scott, February 2012
Save Time and Money by Designing with E-books in Mind »

Save Time and Money by Designing with E-books in Mind by Jonathan Scott I have a message for anyone involved in print book production, design, and layout: If you don’t already design your books for the dual life most of them will have, start doing that now. I expect there will always be print-on-paper books, …

Linda Carlson, January 2012
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

      SPOTLIGHT PROMOTEDFOR PROTESTERS   Oh, Beautiful: An American Family in the 20th Century, written and published by John Paul Godges, is one of the titles recommended by the Huffington Post and the IndieReader in the list “7 Great Indie Books to Read Whilst You Occupy Wall Street.” “We thought we’d contribute to …

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