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Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press, December 2000
Thinking Inside the Box »

Everyone knows how to pack a box of books. You square up a carton you hope is the right size, tape the bottom, put in the books, add the packing, and tape the top. This takes about two minutes.If you have many cartons to send, however, there is a much better way. You stack up …

Jan Nathan, PMA Executive Director, June 2000
BF Judges and; We Thank You »

<SPAN style=”FONT-FAMILY: ‘New York’”><SPAN style=”mso-tab-count: 1″>  This year we tried something new with the Benjamin Franklin Awards program. After years of listening to our judges say that each year the entries were getting more difficult to judge and required much more time than we allowed, we decided to go out with two calls for entries. …

Jan Nathan, May 2000
Dreams + Action = Reality »

For several years now, I’ve been hearing comments from the larger publishers within PMA that they want something similar to what we present at Publishing University but better geared toward the needs within their companies. We tried several approaches, most of which didn’t work. Then I was at a seminar in Indianapolis a few years …

Florrie Binford Kichler, July 1999
PMA Unveils New Dispute-Resolution Program »

Beginning August 1, 1999, PMA will offer a new Dispute Resolution Program with the help of a member publisher. This member is a trained arbitrator and wants to “give something back” to the organization that helped him in his company’s formative years. The program is designed to assist PMA members who are in trade disputes …

Curt Matthews, IPG, Chicago Review Press, December 1998
An Update on PMA’s Trade Distribution Program »

by (Editor’s Note: Those unfamiliar with this program may wish to consult the accompanying sidebar article, “How the Program Works.“) The PMA Trade Distribution Program was initiated in 1991. To date, 300 titles have been accepted into the program and a total of 590,000 copies sold for a value of $4.8 million. Returns have averaged …

Lana R. Castle, Castle Communications, July 1998
Defining Your Copyediting Needs »

In the April issue of this newsletter, Curt Matthews mentioned the need for independent publishers to pay more attention to editorial concerns. While “big picture issues” such as content and structure are vitally important, we shouldn’t disregard the “picky little details” of a thorough copyedit. Publishers who rely solely on a grammar-check and spell-check take …

Jan Nathan, Executive Director, October 1997
Director’s Desk:
Sharing Success & New PMA Programs »

I asked a question of members of the PMA-L Listserv and received lots of wonderful response. Since not all members are either subscribed to this list or have the time to spend on the list, I thought that others might be interested in reading the response of a few and also invite those of you …

Mary Westheimer, PMA Internet Chairperson, BookZo, April 1997
Going Online at PMA »

THE AUTHOR QUESTIONNAIRE, which was mentioned in Curt Matthews’s January newsletter article, is generating a lot of interest on the PMA Website at these days (find the form itself at The actual document, which is used at Matthews’s Chicago Review Press, is printable from the screen. It came in handy recently when one of the …

Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press, December 1996
What’s In a Niche? »

PUBLISHED DECEMBER 1996 by Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press Of course we all know now that as independent publishers we should exploit niches and practice niche marketing of our books. But what exactly is a niche, and how can you tell a good niche from a bad one? A useful place to start is with a …

Curt Matthews, Chicago Review Press, October 1996
What Should I Call My Book? »

PUBLISHED OCTOBER 1996 by Curt Matthews, Chicago Review Press How important is it to come up with a good title for your book? How much will a bad title hurt your book? Of course the title is just one of many variables that can affect a book’s success, but recently I have had an occasion …

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