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Stephanie Chandler, July 2012
DIY Search Engine Optimization Part 1: Keyword Tactics for Your Site »

PUBLISHED JULY 2012 by Stephanie Chandler, CEO, AuthorityPublishing.com — A Web site owner’s goal should be to have the site appear in the top 10 results when a user searches for a relevant topic. If the topic calls up 10,000 or more results, it may seem impossible to elevate your site into the top 10, …

Florrie Binford Kichler, July 2012
President’s Post: What Has IBPA Done for You Lately? A Look Behind and Ahead »

PUBLISHED JULY 2012 by Florrie Binford Kichler, Executive Director, Independent Book Publishers Association — Study the past, if you would divine the future. —Confucius The best way to predict the future is to create it. —Peter Drucker $129 or $10.75 a month for 12 months. $10.75 is less than the price of three skim milk …

Linda Carlson, June 2012
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

Spotlight Title Makes TV “Noted social work book became clue on game show Jeopardy!” is the headline on the Social Workers Speak blog post about what it calls its “Hollywood connection.” Showcasing a title by White Hat Communications that’s now in its fourth edition, the post continues, “Days in the Lives of Social Workers: 58 …

Fran Toolan, June 2012
A Short Rant on Digital Distribution Costs »

A Short Rant on Digital Distribution Costs June 2012 by Fran Toolan   You’ve probably heard some version of “digital distribution doesn’t cost anything.” And you’ve probably heard it more than once. I know I have, and every time I hear it, I want to shout that it’s not true. Anyone who thinks that digital …

Linda Carlson, June 2012
Building the Business: “Special” Sales Are Normal – How Addicus Books Stays Healthy »

Building the Business “Special” Sales Are Normal: How Addicus Books Stays Healthy by Linda Carlson Rod Colvin has written his way from 30-second news spots to true crime to Straight Talk about Breast Cancer—and that was only the first half of his career as a writer and publisher. The common thread in Colvin’s professional life, …

Robert Rosenwald, June 2012
Our E-book Pricing Experiments »

Our E-book Pricing Experiments June 2012 by Robert Rosenwald Poisoned Pen Press, which now has about 700 titles in print, started publishing e-books in 2008 and began to focus seriously on them in the middle of 2010 when Amazon.com changed its basic royalty structure from 35 percent to 70 percent. At the end of last …

Curt Matthews, June 2012
Market Shares: Where the Danger Lies »

Market Shares: Where the Danger Lies by Curt Matthews   How much of the total market for books is controlled by the Big Six publishers? I have not seen any sort of figure, hypothesis, or guess in any article or blog about this question, but recently I went in search of information about how dominant …

Brian Jud, June 2012
Marketing in the White Space »

You know that market segmentation is a fundamental marketing technique, and you probably classify sales opportunities in terms of time-honored categories. But looking at the universe of buyers in a new way is likely to increase your sales, revenue, and profits. The figure to the right shows traditional segmentation of the market for a children’s …

Aaron Shepard, June 2012
Why Don’t Those Sales Figures Match? »

It’s common for new publishers who use Lightning Source to hang on their computers trying to correlate sales at Amazon—as reflected by jumps in sales rank—to Lightning sales. When they see no correlations, they may conclude that Lightning’s reporting is faulty or even dishonest. So let me state in the strongest terms that italics can …

Steve Gillen, June 2012
Avoiding Litigation: The Truth About—and Alternatives to—Arbitration »

Conventional wisdom holds that litigation is a prohibitively expensive, slow, and burdensome way to resolve commercial disputes and that the wiser course is to have your contracts include a provision mandating use of alternative forms of dispute resolution, notably arbitration. There is a kernel of truth here, but the real story is considerably more complex; …

Linda Carlson , June 2012
E-Mail by the Blast: Options, Results, and Recommendations »

If you’re still using postal mail for most of your press releases and newsletters, you’re in a rapidly shrinking group of American businesses. More than a decade ago, many publishers started to use email blasts, and since the launch of bulk email services like Constant Contact, Silver Pop, Swiftpage, and MailChimp, many of us have …

Florrie Binford Kichler, June 2012
President’s Post: A Compelling Force »

Leadership is influence.—John C. Maxwell Why did you join IBPA? To take advantage of benefits that save you money, marketing programs that save you time and make money, education that does all those things, and more? If you answered “Yes,” than you are in good company, as those are the most common answers I receive …

David Marshall, June 2012
Enhanced E-Books: Why, When, and How Much? »

Standing over six feet tall and gifted with a magnificent speaking and singing voice, Barbara McAfee usually lights up a room. Earlier in the day, she had led a session on the power of voice that won rave reviews. But now, she sat silently at the back, wondering whether she belonged. The scene was a …

Linda Carlson, May 2012
Who Does Best with the Espresso Book Machine »

Two years ago, publishers of all sizes were enthusiastic about the potential of the Espresso Book Machine then being introduced. Today it’s the booksellers who are excited about the potential of this print-on-demand equipment—and the booksellers who are seeing profits. (For the view from March 2010, see “Books Delivered While You Wait: A Close Look …

Linda Carlson, May 2012
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

  Several IBPA members were cited in a Publishers Weekly Small Press Spotlight story that ran in March called “Catching the Digital Wave.” The story describes how sales of e-books boosted revenue for several smaller publishing companies, including Red Wheel Weiser Conari, where e-book sales increased 160 percent in 2011, and Berrett-Koehler Publishers, where they …

Carol Kinsey Goman, May 2012
Body Language for Global Business »

  When I traveled from the United Arab Emirates to China to India to Malaysia to the Philippines to Indonesia on a speaking tour, it seemed to me that the audience was arriving later and later. In Jakarta, with my program scheduled for 7:00 p.m., I was advised: “Just ignore that announcement. We tell people …

Roy M Carlisle, May 2012
Why I “Heart” PW »

Most Christians believe the Bible is the word of God. I believe that PW is the Word from the gods of publishing journalism. I have believed this for many years and through many cosmetic and even substantive changes to the magazine. Why do I believe it? Listen to this: “Whether it’s figures from the Association …

Patricia Fry, May 2012
Tips for Better Blogging »

I’ve discovered three ways to get people to comment at a blog site. Use controversy. Bring up a controversial topic and, if you have any followers at all, you will get comments. People will take sides; they’ll criticize you, and they’ll criticize some of the other people who comment. They will rant, thank you for …

Jane Friedman, May 2012
Three Numbers for Showing the Power of a Platform »

Authors hear the refrain from publishers—“Build your platform! Build your platform!” But building it is only the beginning. After that, it’s important to know how a platform is performing. Every platform is different (we are all unique individuals), but here are three specific kinds of numbers that can come in handy when evaluating the size, …

IBPA Roundtable, May 2012
IBPA Roundtable: With E-books, It’s Not Either/Or »

    Are e-book sales eating into p-book sales? Are they making people hungrier for books in physical form? With e-books in the product mix, are overall revenues rising? The reports from IBPA members that follow, and the ones that appeared last month in “E-books’ Effects on Print Book Sales,” indicate that the answer to …

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