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Curt Matthews, February 2005
A Publishing Nightmare »

I woke up a few mornings ago with an appalling thought running through my mind. The thought was this: Books will almost certainly soon be filled with advertisements, just like magazines, network TV, and the Internet. Is there any reason to take such a thought seriously? There are a number of reasons. Trade book sales …

Curt Matthews, November 2004
Don’t Let Your Books Be Late: What the Penalties Are and How to Stay on Schedule »

So what if a book isn’t ready when the catalog said it would be? You know authors. They promise to deliver the manuscript on a certain date and then deliver it 6 months, 12 months later. Someone died, the dog ate the manuscript, the file disappeared from the computer. And when the text finally arrives, …

Curt Matthews, June 2004
Why Independent Publishing Is Not Such a Bad Business and Who Is Likely to Make a Success of It »

Independent publishing is not such a bad business, because it is still one of the very few businesses where a small startup has a chance. If publishing were like hardware or toys or groceries or computers or insurance, there would be very little point in trying to get into the game. But new publishers keep …

A PMA Roundtable, January 2004
Self-fulfillment: Or, the Pleasures–and Some Pains–of Handling Orders In-House »

Do-it-yourself is the most popular choice when it comes to fulfillment, judging by hundreds of responses to our “How do you handle fulfillment?” e-mail. And most of the PMA publishers who fulfill orders themselves are happy about it. In fact, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being best, most say their level …

Curt Matthews, January 2004
When, Why, and How to Acquire Another Publishing Company »

Why consider acquiring another publishing company when you already own one? The main reason is faster growth. Another reason is reversing red ink back to black. Four or five years ago at Chicago Review Press, we decided to grow our list, internally, from about 20 books a year to 50. This meant hiring a second …

Jan Nathan, June 2003
PMA – Celebrating 20!
A Short History of What Happened When »

The first PMA newsletter was called PASCAL Info (the former name of the Publishers Marketing Association was Publishers Association of Southern California or PASCAL). That newsletter debuted in October 1983 (printed entirely in green), and the four-pager’s headline copy promoted a meeting at which PASCAL President Richard Bye (then with Red Rose Books), and PASCAL …

Jeff Byles, June 2003
The Tao of Small:
70,000-Odd Small Publishers Might Be Wagging the Publishing Dog »

They’re out there–all 73,000 of them–scrabbling for big publishers’ shelf-space, mucking up their mindshare. That’s the number of book publishers in the U.S., according to Bowker’s Books in Print database, and it has nearly doubled in the past decade. Blame the go-go ’90s, the dawn of dummy-proof desktop publishing, Internet ubiquity, come-one-come-all chain bookselling, and …

Curt Matthews, January 2003
Books You Should Not Publish
(With Examples to Improve Your Acquisitions) »

Of course there are exceptions to the following list, but the odds will be strongly against success with any of them. I know because I’ve published or tried to distribute at least one book in each category, and in several cases, I’m sorry to say, more than one.   General Business Advice Books Every business …

Curt Matthews, November 2002
Category Management at Borders »

When Borders announced the hiring of a high-powered executive from the grocery business to implement something called “category management” for its stores, the publishing community reacted with horror. “Books,” we said to ourselves and each other, “are not bananas.” Then Borders revealed that the largest publishers were invited to participate in and help pay for …

Kathleen A. Welton, July 2001
Creating Series & Brands That Keep Selling »

Creating successful series and brands is an important endeavor and a big responsibility for authors and publishers. Once a series catches on, you have the opportunity to influence a wide audience as well as sell hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of books that will stay in print and be cherished for many years to …

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